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Hull and deck are both a single skin construction with a Kevlar outer layer and a carbon fiber inner layer. Additional layers reinforce stress points. A vertical vacuum-bagged Nomex honeycomb cored construction frame spans the middle 15 feet of the boat between hull and deck forming an I-beam. High performance vinyl-ester resin is nearly as strong as the best epoxies and is much tougher than any other resin.

These features combine to provide a hull as stiff as any top-level shell with unparalleled durability. Because the hull does not flex, it will not slow you down by losing its shape in the water, and it will not wear out and become soft over time. It's a UV Filtering document from Acrylite. I have a Texas Instruments TMP that I want to mount in a plastic enclosure for measuring the temp of an object outside of the plastic enclosure. Would the IR of the sensor pass through polycarbonate well enough that I could use an enclosure with a polycarbonate lid?

The best I can say is probably, but you will need to test the material on your specific application to be sure. If you email info eplastics. Is such a plastic available? Michael, OP4 is a light transmitting acrylic sheet made to allow a larger range of wavelengths through. Maybe something like this could work: Feel free to email info eplastics. I'm looking at a geodesic dome greenhouse kit that covers the structure with shrink-wrap. What can you tell me about optimum plastic to accomplish these projects?

UVT acrylic is typically used in tanning beds, and is offered through special order at info eplastics. Keep in mind though, that the wavelength that tans you is much shorter than the wavelength for photosynthesis, so it might be better to keep them separate of each other. Hello I'm looking for a type of plastic that is dark enoungh to reduce the brightness from an IR laser from a scanner but clear enough not to reduce its performance at all.

Maybe our IR transmitting acrylic if the scanner work in the correct wavelengths. If that doe snot work, you might be able to use a transparent grey or bronze color, but I imagine it could potentially affect the outcome visually. You can find IRT acrylic here: Hi- we would recommend an OP2 sheet http: You can also reference this chart on UV filtering plexiglass.

Hello- for IR- what would bethe best clear spray would you recommend for blocking out IR? Hi Dale- thanks for the comment, but unfortunately that is not really our field of expertise.

Hi Plastic Genius, What would you recommend as a clear plastic for outdoor use must be IR blocking or reflective but still retain clean and clear look.

It should be somewhat flexible as well so a thin but semi rigid characteristic. Any thought would be appreciated. Hi plastic genius, We are looking for a semi flexible thin plastic material that is clear and reflects or blocks IR light.

Application is a modular greenhouse for herb gardens and specifically African Violet seedlings. Heated water runs under the soil pans to provide heat on a constant temperature.

You can purchase UVT acrylic sheets at www. Typically measurements and charts show UV transmittances as or Is there a need to extend into the 4, 5 and 6 decimal places? What instrument is used to measure this tiny transmittance?

Hi Steve- The need for greater precision in those numbers will depend on your application. Do you a specific application in mind? In order to measure transmittance at that level of accuracy you would use a spectrometer. I have seen reference to white translucent Makrolon.

What would the IR transmission through this material as compared to the Black? Take a look at page 17 of this data sheet for details on the transmission off different Makrolon colors: That is the one they would use in tanning beds?

Just want to make sure I am reading that right. Hi Matt- Thanks for the question! Since this post was written we have added more information to our website here that should make this more clear: There are special 'uv transmitting acrylite OP4 UV' sheets that are manufactured for use in indoor tanning equipment.

It offers high levels of UV light transmission and strong resistance to degradation caused by UV light. Only a small portion of light in the UVC region — nm is transmitted. If you are interested in purchasing this material or have additional questions give us a call at and someone will be happy to help! Thanks for the excellent overview of IR Transmission!

We are looking for a plastic that allows transmission of IR with wavelength of 8 to 14um to be used for protection of an IR Temperature Sensor but are having difficulties finding something. Any ideas regarding that wavelength to nm? Hi- we offer IR Transmitting Plexiglass sheets that might work for your application. You can see the details and wavelength specs here: Hi, thanks for the question! This page lists our UV Filtering products and you'll see the 'OP4' acrylic sheets which are available by special order: It is also vacuum formable.

Since it's special order we would have to check to see if it's 'food grade'. Some plexiglass is considered food grade and some is not.

It depends on the materials used and the manufacturing process. Give us a call at 7: Hi Plastic Genius Could you recommend a plastic e. The operator would be standing behind an enlosure with a clear window. The window could be tinted but would need to be transparent enough to allow observation of the pour. Wavelenghts vary from nm to nm.

Hello- thanks for the question! I would recommend looking at the specs for Makrolon IR polycarbonate sheets that are designed for flame welding face shields and other types of IR protection: Hi there, Which material can replace the Windows glass to get Vitamin D from direct sun light through the windows into my room? There is a special type of acrylic that is designed for this purpose called "OP4".

You can find more information here: Please keep in mind that this is a special order material, so if you have further questions or are interested in calling you can reach ePlastics at between the hours of 7: Hi Buesso, I may have just misunderstood your application. Here is the link for the Infrared Transmitting Plexiglass.

Here is the link for the UV Filtering Plexiglass. Please advise if plexiglass or cast acrylic can filter nm of UV light? Hi Samy- There is a special type of acrylic that is designed for this purpose called "OP4".

Please keep in mind that this is a special order material, so if you have further questions or are interested in purchasing you can reach ePlastics at between the hours of 7: Do you have the transmission spectrum for those blue 3 and 5 gallon polycarbonate carboys used for drinking water?

Sorry, we don't sell or work with that type of material so I don't have that data. Hi Bill- We don't currently stock this type of material, but it's possible we can special order it or find another type of plastic that will meet your requirements. Give our sales department a call at or email info eplastics. Hi Plasic Genius, we are looking for a plastic which can use as moulded cover for copper bar joint in electrical connections.

And this Cover to be able to scan hot joint temperature scan by IR Camera. Thanks for the question! Based on your comment you are probably looking for some type of Infrared Transmitting Plexiglass. All plexiglass sheet is infrared transmitting. Peco Side Mounted Turnout Motor. Customers who bought this item also bought. Compare with similar items. This item Keystone Extra Train Track. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

Don't see what you're looking for? There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Product information Product Dimensions x 4 x 1 inches Item Weight 4. International Shipping This item is not eligible for international shipping. For warranty information about this product, please click here. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Product description 20 - Pc. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. I have not connected or tested the resistance,power,but inside,should do the job. I would have had to re-rig the connecting points and probably ruined the track to do it. I do not advise this purchase unless you know in advance that it is compatible with the connection points on your track!!!!! One person found this helpful. The track does not match my existing G-scale track. It would be okay if I could switch them but they are integrated into the design so I'm stuck.

The construction is flimsy. I recommend you save your money and buy quality track.

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