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Im Laufe der Geschichte wurde aus der klassischen Supplik lat. Fürbitte, Beschwerde die Petition. In den letzten zehn Jahren entwickelt sich die Online-Sammelpetition zu einem modernen Teilhabe-Werkzeug. Aus der vormals eher unterwürfigen Fürbitte ist durch Technologien und neue, interaktive Möglichkeiten eine Dialogform auf Augenhöhe entstanden.

Wöchentlicher Petitionsausschuss im Paulskirchenparlament. Erst nach völliger Erledigung dieser Berichte kann zur anderweitigen Tagesordnung übergegangen werden.

Wir wollen auch eine Absenkung des Quorums für öffentliche Petitionen. Die Stärkung der Demokratie hört für uns jedoch nicht bei den Parlamenten auf, sondern umfasst auch die Demokratisierung verschiedener Lebensbereiche, wie zum Beispiel Schule, Hochschule, Ausbildung oder Arbeitsplatz.

Unser Politikstil ist, die Bürger an der Ausgestaltung unserer Politik stets eng zu beteiligen. Electrician Elk Grove Village. Review of WPX hosting. House for sale in Oak lawn, IL.

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In contrast, the Regnitzgrund is the cause of frequent fog. In the prehistory of Bavaria, the Regnitz valley already played an important role as a passageway from north to south. In Spardorf a blade scraper was found in loess deposits, which could be attributed to the Gravettians , which places it at an age of about 25, years.

The altar is unique in this form and consists of a square stone setting with four upright, figural pillars at the corners and in the middle. The reconstruction of the site can be visited in the area, the middle guard is exhibited in the Erlangen city museum. Erlangen is first mentioned by name in a document from The origin of the name Erlangen is not clear. Attempts of local research to derive the name of alder tree species and anger meadow ground , do not meet toponymical standards.

Martin in Forchheim with accessories to the diocese of Würzburg. At that time the Bavarian Nordgau extended to the Regnitz in the west and to the Schwabach in the north. Villa Erlangon must therefore have been located outside of these borders and thus not in the area of today's Erlangen Altstadt. However, as the name Erlangen is unique to today's town in Germany, the certificate could have only referred to it.

The document also provides an additional piece of evidence: In , Henry II bestowed further areas west of the Regnitz, including one mile from the Schwabach estuary to the east, one mile from this mouth upstream and downstream. These two squares are described in the document only by their lengths and the two river names. No reference to a specific place is given. They are also unrelated to the accessories of St. Martin, which included the villa erlangon, another reason why it must have been physically separated from the area of the two miles.

Size and extent of the two squares correspong approximately to the area requirement of a village at the time, which supports the assumption that at the time of certification a settlement was under construction, which should be legitimized by this donation and later, as in similar cases, has adopted th name of the original settlement.

Only 15 years later, in , Henry II confirmed an exchange agreement, through which St. Martin and its accessories including Erlangen were given to the newly founded Bishopric of Bamberg, where it remained until During these centuries, the place name appears only sporadically.

Local researchers therefore concluded that Erlangen must have already gained so much in extent that in , Henry IV took his residence there with many princes and bishops [19] and was therefore the seat of a King's Court.

Other evidence of this estate is also missing. Otherwise, Erlangen was usually only mentioned if the bishop pledged it due to lack of money.

How exactly the village developed is unknown. Only the designation "grozzenerlang" in a bishop's urbarium from may be an indication that the episcopal village had outstripped the original villa erlangon. Under the crown of Bohemia, the village developed rapidly. In the emperor spent three days in Erlangen and gave the "citizen and people of Erlangen" grazing rights in the imperial forest. The money should instead be used to "improve" the village.

Probably soon after , the new ruler of the administration of the acquired property west of the town built the Veste Erlangen , on which a bailiff resided. King Wenceslaus built a mint and oficially granted township to Erlangen in He also gave the usual town privileges: Collection of tolls, construction of a department store with bread and meat bank and the construction of a defensive wall.

Two years later, in , the prince-electors unelected. He sold his Frankish possessions, including Erlangen, to his brother-in-law, the Nuremberg burgrave Johann III due to lack of funds in During the process of division of the burggrave property in Franconia, Erlangen was added to the Upper Principality, the future Principality of Bayreuth.

The Erlangen coining facility ceased its operation because the Münzmeister was executed for counterfeiting in Nuremberg. During the Hussite Wars the town was completely destroyed for the first time in However, as the army of Albrecht could not completely enclose the city, Nuremberg troops broke out again and devastated the Margravial towns and villages. As reported by a Nuremberg chronicler, they "burnt the market at most in Erlangen and brought a huge robbery".

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