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But after giving it a little thought and failing to find any proof of the strange propositions, any rational person ought to throw the books aside and wonder if there is any kind of rubbish that would not find a publisher today. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Clear for takeoff: Distiller's vodka-fueled motorcycle sets land-speed record

Artist: Post Malone

The second step, degrading human thought yet further, was the acceptance of the struggle for existence as a basic law, simply because that struggle can be observed among animals and plants. According to this theory the destruction of the weakest is a law which should not be opposed. In reply to the question: Some disjointed writings, striving after effect in a most sordid manner, appear, written by a daring, but limited and abnormal German, suffering from power mania.

Neither in talent nor in their basic argument to these writings justify public attention. In the days of Kant, Leibniz , or Hume , or even fifty years ago, such writings would not only have received no attention, but they would not even have appeared.

But today all the so called educated people are praising the ravings of Mr. N, arguing about him, elucidating him, and countless copies of his works are printed in all languages.

The whole world knows that virtue consists in the subjugation of one's passions, or in self-renunciation. It is not just the Christian world, against whom Nietzsche howls, that knows this, but it is an eternal supreme law towards which all humanity has developed, including Brahmanism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and the ancient Persian religion.

And suddenly a man appears who declares that he is convinced that self-renunciation, meekness, submissiveness and love are all vices that destroy humanity he has in mind Christianity, ignoring all the other religions.

One can understand why such a declaration baffled people at first. Love Me Like You Do: I Really Like You: Stay With Me;Sam Smith 8. Shake It Off;Taylor Swift Capital Cities;Safe And Sound. Darwich;Go Ba Ba Ba. Marie Key;De Her Dage. John Newman;Love Me Again. Naughty Boy;La La La. Kvinder Og Kanoner feat. Lytter Ik' Til Dem. Sleeping My Day Away 2. Grow Or Pay 5. Rim Of Hell 9. Point Of View Riding With Sue Heidi Hi Hoe 4.

Svantes Lykkelige Dag 5. Musik Blev Mit Liv 7. Smuk Og Dejlig Alle Mine Venner Byen Uden Midler 6. Hold Om Mig 9. High Society Girl Skibe Uden Sejl I Saw Your Dream Drive My Car 2. En Lykkelig Familie 3. Son Of A Preacherman 4. Give It Up Han Tog Et Nattog Michael Learns To Rock: Home Alone 4 4. Love Goes On For Ever 6. Mangler Dig Nu 7. You Recieve Me Ocean Of You 3.

Lights Down Low 4. In These Waters 6. Not Meant To Be Broken 8. Never Forget You When Silence Falls Tak Og Hej 4. San Antonio Baby 6. Som Sendt Fra Himlen 8. Drik Aldrig Vandet Home Sweet Home Lykken Efter Lukketid Nu Falder Himlen Ned.

Ingen Som Du 3. Call My Name 4. Live My Life 5. Alt Er Forbi 7. Ingen Kender Dagen 8. Give Your Heart A Break 9. Kato Electric Lady Lab: Girl On Fire 6. Hall Of Fame 7. Dum For Dig 8. Tog Det Som En Mand Midnat I Mit Liv 2. Den Du Er 8. This Is My Love 2. Playing With My Heart 4. Phat Ass Drop 7. Better Than Yesterday Party All Around The World One More Night 5. Nervo Hook N Sling: Committed To Sparkle Motion All Around The World 2.

Die In Your Arms 9. Thought Of You Beauty And Beat Out Of Town We Own The Universe 2. Rejs Dig Op 9. Beautiful To Me Behind These Hazel Eyes 9. Just Want You To Know Pon De Replay Do You Want To Take My Time The Zookeepers Boy Spoil My Night 3. Zack And Codeine 5. Ball For Me Blame It On Me Want You Back 3.

Lie To Me 4. If Walls Could Talk 8. Why Won't You Love Me Woke Up In Japan Alone Part 3 3. Before I Close My Eyes. In My Blood 2. Poetens Sidste Tog 4. Blomsten Og Vasen 5. Hvis Jeg Ku' Lost In Japan 4. Like To Be You 6. Fallin' All In You 7. Because I Had You Hits For Kids Album: Jessie J-Not My Ex 7. Albert Dyrlund-Smuk Uden Filter 8.

Wafanda-C'est La Vie Jeg Elsker Dig 4. Nu Og Her 7. Midnight Summer Jam 3. Man Of The Woods 5. Breeze Of The Pond Livin' Off The Land The Hard Stuff Et Forbehold Eller To 2. Et Helt Almindeligt Liv 4.

Af Sti Af Sted 9. Mig Og Mine Tanker Lost In Your Light 3. Hotter Than Hell 4. Be The One 5. Blow Your Mind 7. Thinking 'Bout You I'm A Mess 3. Thinking Out Loud Stativ Stakit Kasket 2.

Hvad Mon De Siger 4. Den Lige Vej 6. En Gammeldags Mand 7. All The Things We Said 9. Fri Som En Fugl Damen Inde Ved Siden Af Lights Of Home 3. Summer Of Love 7. Red Flag Day 8. There Is A Light. Too Good At Goodbyes 2. Say It First 3. One Last Song 4. Baby, You Make Me Crazy 8. I Did Something Bad 4. Don't Blame Me 5.

So It Goes 8. King Of My Heart Dancing With Our Hands Tied Call It What You Want Ser Mig Ik' Tilbage 2. Vend Dig Om 5. Endnu En Nat 9. Bli' Her Lidt Endnu 7. Venner For Altid 8. Luk Det Ned The Future Is Now 2. Dying Is Easy 3. Th Bumpy Road 7. Tell Myself To Be Kind 8. The Space She's In I See It In You Dans Mig Ud En Stjernenat 3.

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For The River 7. Every Time We're Together The Betrayal Act I. Se Mig Nu 5. Ked Af Det 7. Drikker For Lidt 8. Easyjuke Classic Power Ballads 1. With Or Without You: Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Nights In White Satin: The Moody Blues Guns n' Roses Miami Sound Machine Take My Breath Away: Easyjuke Tophits 37 Album: Roger And Over 2.

There's Nothing Holdin' me Back: DJ Khaled, Rihanna Den Du Er 3. Findes I Os 8. Savner Dig Lige Nu. Out Of Style 2. Head Over Boots 4.

Can't Turn You Down 6. Dirt On My Boots 7. She Ain't in It 8. All Time High 9. Heartache on the Dance Floor What Is Love 4. Den Humpende Due 5. Funky Som en Hund. Castle On The Hill 3. Shape Of You 5. Hearts Don't Break Around Here What Do I Know How Would You Feel Bibia Be Ye Ye Vi Er Helte 2. Bliv Lidt Endnu 4. Der Var Engang 8. Venner For Evigt Ace of Base Album: All That She Wants 2.

Don't Turn Around 3. Young And Proud 4. Linving In Danger 6. Hear Me Calling 9. Waiting For Magic Wheel Of Fortune Dancer in a Daydream Kurs Mod Fjerne Kyster 5. Whiskey On The Rocks 8. Du Er Alt For Mig Touch By Touch Bar' Syv Synder Brev Fra Missisippi Easyjuke 80er Hits Vol. As The Days Go By: Can't Fight This Feeling: Come Back And Stay: Do What You Do: The Thompson Twins Everytime You Go Away: Eye In The Sky: The Alan Parsons Project 4. Go Wild In The Country: Bow Wow Wow 6.

The Thompson Twins 8. Electric Light Orchestra 9. Holding Out For A Hero: I Drove All Night: A Flock Of Seagulls The Pointer Sisters If You Let Me Stay: Terence Trent D'Arby The Weather Girls Just Around The Corner: Keep On Loving You: Spear Of Destiny 3. Dead Or Alive 5. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now: Fox The Fox Sitting In The Park: Halberg - Larsen Talking In Your Sleep: Tell It To My Heart: The First Picture Of You: The Lotus Eaters 7. The Power Of Love: The Promise You Made: Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Boy Meets Girl When Love Breaks Down: When Will I Be Famous: Whenever You Need Somebody: Treat You Better 4.

Three Empty Words 5. Don't Be A Fool 6. Side To Side 6. Let Me Love You 7. Leave Me Lonely 9. Everyday - Future I Don't Care Easyjuke Tophits 36 Album: Ingen Anden Lise 5. What Is Love 6. Let's Hurt Tonight 7. Hands To Myself Easyjuke Tophits 35 Album: Ain't My Fault 4. Est-ce que tu m'aimes? Love Me Now 8. The Devil's Bleeding Crown 2. The Gates Of Babylon 5. Let It Burn 6. Mery Jane Kelly 9. Seal The Deal You Will Know The Loa's Crossroad Red Hot Chili Peppers Album: We Turn Red 4.

The Longest Wave 5. Feasting On The Flowers 9. Dreams Of A Samurai. Filtr Hits Lige Nu Album: Can't Stop The Feeling 2. Thinking About It 8. Est-ce Que Tu M'Aimes 9. Duele El Corazon Work From Home All I Wanna Do Give U Up Don't Let Me Down Don't Close Your Eyes Can't Get To You Once In A While Figure It Out Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Album: Forward In Reverse 3.

Terrified In Paradise 4. Something So Familiar 6. Love At Second Sight 7. Made To Believe 8. Fly Above The Radar Say It To Me Anyway. Born To Be Alive 4. Kalimba De Luna 8. Just An Illusion Let's All Chant Love To Love You Baby Knock On Wood One Way Ticket It's A Holiday Da Ya Think I'm Sexy. Saturday Night Fever 5. I Will Survive Rivers Of Babylon Give Me Love Sugar Baby Love So, they are attempting to trademark a mechanical design that they use and no one else does, particularly a design that provides a very distinctive sound.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer naturally trademarked the image of their mascot, Leo the Lion, roaring. But they also trademarked the sound of his roar. This makes sense, as neither the visual nor the sound of the Leo's roar are actually accurate depictions of a lion's roar.

Similarly, Intel trademarked its "dun dun DUN duhn For that matter, Intel also trademarked the word "inside". The Harlem Globetrotters have control over the recording of the song "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Brother Bones and His Shadows, which they have used as their theme song since about and trademarked in The "deep note" used to notify you that the THX did the sound for the movie you are watching has been trademarked. The "glissando followed by the words A T and T" has been registered as a sound mark.

Toblerone trademarked the triangular wedge shape as it applies to chocolate bars. The Columbia Journalism Review and other journalism journals often run ads from major companies particularly Coca-Cola, Xerox and Johnson and Johnson imploring reporters and writers to shy away from the use of brand names as generic terms.

In this, they do , surprisingly, have a point, as words such as "aspirin", "cellophane", "laundromat", and "escalator", which were originally trademarks, were ruled to have been abandoned because of their widespread acceptance as generic terms. Continental Navy in and numerous U. Navy ships up to the present.

Paramount, the previous owners, had tried suing the Navy to keep them from selling items with the words "USS Enterprise" on them. A barely known fact: The word "tremolo", for many years, was a trademark of the Fender company others used the term "vibrato arm" instead. Ironically, the word "tremolo" as used to describe the pitch-changing mechanism on a guitar is incorrect—"tremolo" refers to a variation in volume , not pitch—and so the other companies without the trademark ended up with the use of the correct word.

Lucasfilm owns the rights to the word " Droid. Verizon has since released several other Droid models, presumably under the same agreement. Related to this, Carrie Fisher stated that Lucas owned the likenesses of the Star Wars characters, prompting her to joke that "every time [she] looks in the mirror [she] owes George a couple bucks".

Of course, now Disney owns Lucasfilm In a German fanfiction community called Fanfiktion. Cue the fury of many, many Avatar fanfic writers, who had to change their stories. Terrible business practice or a convincing practical joke? Either way, they're a laughing stock. Infamous in the video game industry is the Universal City Studios, Inc. After several months of Universal refusing to officially seek legal proceedings, instead simply trying to get Nintendo to agree to a settlement without litigation, a lawyer working for Nintendo discovered that not only did Universal not own the trademark rights to King Kong , but that they themselves had argued in the past that the character was in the public domain.

The court case officially declared in that the character Donkey Kong could not be confused with King Kong , and that while Universal Studios owned the majority of rights with the remainder being divided between creator Richard Cooper, RKO Pictures , and the Dino De Laurentiis company , they did not hold exclusive rights to the name and character as they had claimed.

Nintendo went on to thank the lawyer that helped them win the case by hiring him as their main consul in America and naming a certain character after him. That said, part of Universal's desire in all this was to have a top-notch video game company to make licensed games for their films. On a side note, Nintendo and Universal would work together almost thirty years later to create a series of theme parks.

NBC would eventually combine the N with their second feathered peacock design. NBC reintegrated the peacock to the logo a mere three years later, and while not exactly like the first colour-flaunting peacock, it's highly evocative thereof.

German comedian Hubertus Albers has trademarked his alter ego's name Atze Schröder. In an inversion, he actually sends cease-and-desist letters to people who use his real name but oddly enough, not the very trademark agency which shows it to everyone who asks.

Just as silly is another German comedian, Mario Barth. He trademarked one of his slogans "Nichts reimt sich auf Uschi" - "Nothing rhymes with [the name] Uschi", a play on the easily found rhyme "Muschi" [pussy].

So far so good, but unbeknownst to him the very same slogan had been used 20 years ago albeit not trademarked and printed on shirts by other comedians. He tried to sue people sporting those old shirts for copyright infringement. They spent a lot of time designing a bottle that would be both instantly recognizable as a Coca-Cola container, nor mistakable as anything but a Coca-Cola bottle and wouldn't fall over; the original designs were unstable.

Notice that even the plastic two-liter bottles of Coca-Cola and other Coke Company products resemble the famous contour bottle, while every other brand's two-liter bottles look alike, particularly in having plain, straight edges. They will often sue groups for using the suffix -zilla , especially if it comes along with dinosaur imagery.

This hasn't stopped various cartoons, video-games, and anime from using his roar for giant monsters without asking Toho's permission and getting away with it. This was the exact reason why Gojira changed to the Japanese name of the movie when they got signed to a label, after being Godzilla on a few demo tapes. Mozilla , most famed for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, treads carefully around them, but has so far escaped their wrath by being a non-profit foundation.

A Spanish woman claimed ownership of the sun , and wanted to charge for all the people using it. As the article suggests, she seems to have forgotten the risk of being sued due to her property causing injuries and deaths via sunstroke and cancer In a fit of Hypocritical Humor , The Simpsons once invoked this trope using the phrase, when a character portrayed as a lawyer for Disney tells Homer that they own the exact note he always uses with the phrase.

Games Workshop owns copyright for the term " Space Marines " and various other things relating to Warhammer and Warhammer 40, They also claim ownership of a large amount of terms ranging from the specific Tzeetch and Cadian, for example to the more everyday Epic and Inferno , and the Double Headed Eagle motif, despite the fact that was in use by various nations nearly a millennium ago.

Perhaps the oddest thing about all this is that they were encouraging certain sites beforehand. They didn't start trying to beat people up with their lawyers until said lawyers had to deal with the infamous Saul Zaentz, who owned the film, stage, and merchandise rights to The Lord of the Rings and who sued Creedence Clearwater Revival 's John Fogerty for plagiarizing himself, , and was essentially the largest the reason it took Peter Jackson almost a decade to finally be allowed to adapt The Hobbit after doing the Lot R movies.

Inverted by Eurovision Song Contest winner Dima Bilan born Dmitry , who changed his legal name so he matched his artistic name to avoid claims of ownership of the second by his late producer's family. There is a possibly apocryphal story that Mick Jagger tried to use copyright law to prevent any other musicians from using stage names related to cutting implements a "jagger" is a type of knife.

This was prompted by David Jones' success under the name David Bowie a "bowie" is another type of knife. The company owning the copyright for The Three Stooges managed to essentially trademark a pronunciation , Curly's "Soitenly!

Though as Nintendo Power pointed out, there probably isn't a well-known genius with the name of Einstein in the Lylat Galaxy. Sure, you can claim that once separated from a body so that they can be looked at, they aren't really part of the human body or whatever This not only tends to impede research for disease treatment, but also can be more than a bit scary when you realize that parts of your genome are actually owned by various entities Supreme Court decision in March , and Assn.

Myriad Genetics , in which the Supreme Court ruled that naturally-ocurring genes cannot be patented. Likewise, there are software patents, which often patent well known algorithms.

In one case, the source code of Doom 3 had to be changed because it was later discovered that someone had independently come up with their graphics algorithm and patented it.

Victoria Beckham once tried to sue English football club Peterborough United, because they were selling scarves, mugs and other items marked 'The Posh'. The lawsuit was dropped after it was pointed out to her that the club or its predecessors has been using that nickname since Partway through the "Occupy Wall Street" protests of , a law-minded couple attempted to copyright the name "Occupy [city]" and related phrases.

Their explanation for this was that they weren't doing it out of corporate greed, but rather so that "One Percenter" corporations couldn't do that themselves and hawk shirts and pre-made signs, thus undermining the point of the protests. Plenty of online stores have been menaced by a man claiming to own a copyright on the yellow "Caution!

Arkham House Publishers claims to own the rights to H. Whether they actually do or not is a controversy in and of itself. Komen Foundation trademarked "for the cure" and the color pink with respect to products related to breast cancer awareness — not pink in general. But they have been known to sue small business and even other, but smaller, breast cancer charities that used the color pink or other general cancer charities that use the phrase "For the Cure", not knowing that Komen owns these trademarks.

The Red Cross, by international treaty, owns the rights to a red cross. Using it in your video game to show medical supplies or The Medic or in any other use is illegal.

Before , ambulances in the United States and elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere were typically marked with a safety orange cross, differing from the red cross only in its hue. Toys and paintings of ambulances commonly ignored even that nuance, instead using a red cross.

After protests from the American Red Cross that the safety orange cross was insufficiently distinguishable from the protected Red Cross symbol, the U. Department of Transportation developed the Blue Star of Life as a replacement for the safety orange cross. This one is slightly different, though. The fear is that overuse and misuse of the symbol could dilute the intended meaning of the symbol to a point where troops may not see it as protected anymore in a time of war.

Legend of the Five Rings originally had a logo of five rings interlocking to form a circle. This forced AEG to redesign the card backs with a new logo five non-intersecting coins , with all the problems one would expect from changing the card backs on a Collectible Card Game.

AEG attempted to mitigate the damage by giving out large numbers of opaque-backed card sleeves at conventions, and the first expansion to feature the new card backs included a full set of sleeves in every starter deck at a loss. The family of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting victim Victoria Leigh Soto have trademarked her name and face so "conspiracy debunking" websites that rebuke the legitimacy of the tragedy could not use them.

The makers of Listerine mouthwash own the trademark to the shape of its bottle. No Man's Sky developer fought a three-year long legal battle with this company over the usage of the word Sky in the game's title, and was luckily allowed to use it. Microsoft was not so lucky, and had to change the name of its cloud storage service from SkyDrive to OneDrive. Stephen Hawking had his near-monotone voice synthesizer trademarked, to the point that once he saw The Theory of Everything , his approval led to a similar computerized speech being replaced by the real deal.

Or Give Me Death! In fact, one of their sneakier schemes against the Man of Steel was an attempt to trademark the word "Superman" that would have legally forced Superman to pay them a royalty every time he appeared in public. This also became a minor plot point in The Death of Superman storyline - Luthor attempted to buy Superboy using Matrix Supergirl as "bait". He almost fell for it before he was wooed in by Rex Leech who then gained the rights to the name Superman.

When a server attempted to stop Steel and the Eradicator from using the shield, the Eradicator tried to flash fry him, forcing Steel to pull him out.

When the same guy approached the returned Superman, Supes did things a lot more simpler - he confronted the clone and told him give it back.

A similar event took place in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man. The Kingpin bought the rights to the Spider-Man docudrama that was produced earlier in the comics and all related merchandise.

Since he is a crime lord, it proves to be a win win for him. If Spider-Man fights his goons, he makes money. If Spider-Man hangs up the tights, no one will fight his goons, and he will make money. If Spidey quit the Kingpin was going to hire an actor to take his place. In the Batman story "The Laughing Fish", the Joker dumped a version of his toxin into the local waters, and then tried to claim ownership of all the fish that now sported Joker faces.

When the patent office explains that patent law doesn't work like this, he responds with attempted murder. A MAD treatment of Peanuts at the height of its cultural success has Charlie Brown as a megalomaniac executive moving to sue Planter's for using their name on its product, raving "I don't care WHO came first!

While shouting out orders in his office, J. Jonah Jameson invents the name "Green Goblin" and tells his staff to trademark it. The sci-fi short story Tying Knots by Ken Liu. An American researcher goes to an isolated village and learns their method of encoding stories in knots to develop methods of manipulating proteins.

He pays them in genetically-engineered rice which can grow in the now-reduced rainfall, but the seeds are sterile forcing the villages to buy more rice each year so the villages can't steal the intellectual property from those who invented it. This however does not apply to the 'old knowledge' the researcher has taken from the villagers.

This is Truth in Television , as many commercial agriculture companies make sterile seeds that produce infertile produce to keep farmers buying new seed each year and then sell the seed in the developing world. And also to assuage fears that things could Go Horribly Wrong , leading to runaway mutant, um, rice. In Temps , one of the newspaper clippings between the stories was a series of articles about a paranormal concert pianist with a fondness for using his Reality Warper powers to "enhance" his music with special effects.

One article stated that he was being sued by Disney for breaching their copyright while performing "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" In Psychoville the man in charge of the production of Snow White says that they are forbidden to use the names in the Disney film for the dwarves. This is actually correct — Disney originated those names and character designs for the dwarves, so it owns them. In the special Eretz Nehederet episode dedicated to the massive summer protests in Israel, a tycoon impression Eran Zarkhovich with an Angry Birds -esque pig for a head was featured.

The science fiction series Babylon 5 has an off-hand mention to Disney Planet. Gets expanded upon in the rpg: So far they've built 'only' one city-sized domed attraction, but given it's already a financial success On Powers many superheroes earn money through merchandising and there are many powerful marketing firms who specialize in promoting superhero brands.

When Retro Girl is killed, a new heroine tries to step into her shoes and starts to use the name and costume. The marketing company execs are furious and are prepared to sue for trademark infringement but the company president tells them to stop being idiots. If they can sign the new superheroine to a contract, they can promote the Legacy Character aspects and make even more money. When the scene shifts back to the Satellite of Love, Tom is crying because Disney threatened to "smash his globe" if he didn't abandon the makeover.

One nation under Disneyland. If I had the copyright on the word bleep I'd say " bleep this job and yourself, you dumb bleep! So Microsoft, Pepsi and other big corporations trademark all the "good" words, like Great, Excellent and Fantastic. It then goes into detail about how smaller companies must make do with less nice words, or words that make no sense compared to what they're selling.

However, there are still plenty of negative words that have not been copyrighted yet. In the dying days of WCW Booker T once feuded with his brother and another wrestler over the right to use the letter T in his name.

The credits end with the announcement that Christmas, the colours red and green, and the emotion of merriment, are all registered trademarks of John Mulligan Stores plc. Beyond Earth , CEO Suzanne Fielding advocates patenting alien genetic material and, somewhat more reasonably, hybrid genetics. Whether any of the other factions are inclined to uphold her patents is another matter, of course. In Game Dev Tycoon , your company might get harassed by patent trolls claiming copyright over trivially basic gaming concepts.

You can either take them to court, settle out of court, or rally your fans in your defense. In Portal 2 , the Aperture Science instructional videos reveal that they've trademarked the word "evacuation" and the phrase "asbestos is harmless! In God tm , the intellectual property of God and all related characters are owned by a certain animation, media, and theme park corporation.

In Ozy and Millie , fire is the intellectual property of dragons, who reap a side benefit of their ownership being extended whenever Disney extends its copyright on Mickey Mouse. In The Non-Adventures of Wonderella , Wonderella weaponizes this trope when she tricks Santa Claus who is trying to kill her because she killed him into getting trapped in the Disney vault.

Jesus is horrified by this. Santa Claus is now property of the Walt Disney Company. And Disney never gives back. Further down the line during the rap, he also points out that he owns the entire series.

Nelson during Hollywood After Dark: Hi, I'm a Disney lawyer. This junkyard is a violation of Disney's trademark of Trashy McJunkPile, a character we've never shown but copyrighted anyway. Bill Gates already owns ones and zeros and, since everything can be expressed in binary, all of existence. In "Out with the Old Characters", Dr. Whooves says he changed his name to Time Turner to comply with copyright.

Oh, kind of like Timmy Turner, from that other cartoon! In "Copywrong", the characters comment on the use of a Suspiciously Similar Song in the soundtrack, and conclude that it's to avoid running afoul of copyright. Then Pinkie mentions Nazguls , and the video suddenly stops as the creator gets beaten by the Copyright Police.

Parodied in the sixth episode of Friendship is Witchcraft. The Cold Open states that the word "apple" and the image of an apple are legal copyrights of the Dole Corporation and that the episode was "modified from its original version to keep within good legal standing".

Throughout the episode, all onscreen apples are blurred out and any mention of the word apple is clumsily censored by the name of another fruit. This censorship even extends into Applejack's name and the "Buy some apples!

Small Beans a group of former Cracked contributors has a Disney Owns You sketch series, with the premise of Disney acquiring various properties over the years. In another episode, the only product names that aren't trademarked are Popplers and Zitzels.

In The Simpsons , the Blue-Haired Lawyer character shows up a lot whenever someone "violates" a copyright: But it's just a small school fair. And it's heading for a very big lawsuit. You made a big mistake here.

Well, so did you: You made an ex-Green Beret mad. Simpson, I represent the estate of Charles Chaplin. I have here a court document ordering an immediate halt to this unauthorized impersonation. Simpson, I represent the estate of Jimmy Durante.

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