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Excursiereis 8 dagen Bergen en meren in het Salzburgerland

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The average temperature is probably in the low 50s F perhaps 10 — 12 Celsius , but you can get anything from freezing to hot. Expect precipitation on at least 2 out 3 days, mostly rain or drizzle, but snow is also possible. Could you please estimate the cost of transport from either Vienna or Salzburg to Hallstatt for a group of 5?

There are plenty of ways you can figure out costs on your own. I would like to have a one day trip in Hallstatt maybe on 23th or 24th December directly from Budapest. I am wondering it is good to spend almost whole day in train directly to Hallstatt, or maybe take couple of hours rest in Vienna westbahnhof, then head to Hallstatt?

Hope shops will be opened during 24thth when I stay in Hallstatt, Salzburg and Munich. Hope to hear you soon. You can use the internet or a travel agent to find good travel deals, and only you know how if you want to spend your day on a train or interrupt it with a short stop over. There is no right answer. The 25th and 26th of December are holidays in Austria, and most shops will be closed.

How much does it cost to go to Hallstatt by the bus,train, boat option? I am really excited to visit!!!! Here is the link for English language speakers: I wonder if you can help me to sort out my future vacation plan for next summer. In between I would like to visit both Salzburg and Hallstatt. Should I stay in Hallstatt and visit Salzburg for the day trip or would I be better off staying in Salzburg and visit Hallstatt instead?

Any thoughts on this? Deanna, sorry for the late answer. First of all I would like to say that your website is really informative and helpful so thank you very much! I am planning to travel to Austria on the 25th of December with my parents. I would just like to ask if it is a good time to travel around this time to Hallstatt? Would public transport or other facilities like the Funicular remain open on the 27th? Also since we have limited time we have to reach Dusseldorf on the 3rd , should I just forget Vienna and just go to Salzburg straight from Amsterdam?

All of that depends on your interests, your disposition, if this is your only chance to visit, and also in good part on the weather. Hallstatt, in my opinion, is beautiful any time of year, and on the 27th you are likely to have the whole town to yourself. But the salt mines are already closed, as are all the other places serviced by the funicular.

Hallstatt is also the cold hole of the area. Salzburg is fine after Christmas, but keep in mind some of the major outside attractions will be closed. Hellbrunn with its water theater and trick fountains is shut down, the flowers and plants of the Mirabell Gardens have already been put to bed.

You can still tour the fortress, but it appears the funicular to the fortress is shut down for maintenance. You should walk up to the castle, anyhow, the experience beats the funicular anytime.

On the good side, you can enjoy the old parts of town better than at any other time of year. The throngs of tourists are gone and even locals venture into Old Town for visits.

There are also museums you can visit, as well as churches, theaters, restaurants, cafes and good places to drink beer and wine. Sylvester is also the first day of carnival, a season of balls and masquerades that lasts until Ash Wednesday, and Austrians know how to inaugurate it properly. I will be arriving at Linz Airport.

How can i travel to Salzburg city from there? First a couple of pieces of advice: They know a lot more than I do about train schedules. As far as I know, you can take a Regional train from Hörsching to Salzburg without having to transfer. It takes a few minutes longer than the other options, but it may be more comfortable for you. I would take it. As for the train from Hallstatt to Bled: Also you have to change trains at least twice as far as I can see, first in Stainach-Irdning and then in Bischofshofen.

All your information has been of great help to me. We then will be heading to Bled. Would you know the best way to travel to Bled? Do i have to go back to Salzburg and then only to Bled?

Is there a train station at Hallstatt Market? Thank you Mr Roland for your advice about going to ice cave at Hallstatt. Can you kindly direct us there from Salzburg by bus and train, which is a better option? Its best to ask someone at the train station for directions, but Obertraun is small and you can easily find the cable car station Dachstein Seilbahn on your own. You can also look it up on Google maps in advance.

Thank you Mr Roland for your direction and advice, really appreciate your patience and good information provided on this platform to all of us here. I have read all yr advice to everyone and you are very thorough.

Thank you for yr information. I am staying in Salzburg next June for 5 days. I want to visit Hallstatt and bad ischl by bus. I was thinking on going straight to Hallstatt for most of the day and then stopping at Bad ischl for a few hrs on the way back to salzburg. How late at night do the buses leave bad ischl. First, if you want to travel by bus only, the last bus for Salzburg leaves Bad Ischl at You can also travel to Salzburg by using a combination of bus and train.

That bus leaves Bad Ischl at You have to change to a train to Salzburg at Vöcklabruck and you arrive in Salzburg just before midnight. Here is why I find it interesting. It looks as though this is also the summer schedule, and if so, these buses leave way to early to enjoy what Bad Ischl has to offer. Bad Ischl is famous for its summer series of Operettas, mostly Lehar or Strauss, and it attracts some of the best performers in the world. It regularly offers other musical events, too.

Hi Roland, I am sorry for this late reply and thank you very much for your direction to the ice cave. We only have 2 days in hallstatt and I think we could only cover these two sights ie.

Sorry for the miscomminication. Hi Roland, We are going to hallstatt for 2 nights on 22 oct. As we want to go to the salt mine and the ice cave, we wonder which one should we go first from Salzburg directly and how best do we get to both places. We are staying at obertruan. See my posts about the Lammerklamm and the Gosau Lakes. For public transportation I recommend you visit the ice caves first and then travel to Obertraun.

Take the train from Salzburg to the train station at Werfen. There are daily buses from the Werfen train station to the visitor center at the Ice Caves every couple of hours, i. Ask someone at the train station for directions. Return schedules are similar. You have two choices of transportation to get from Werfen to Obertraun.

The other one is more complicated. I takes about the same amount of time and goes by a different scenic route by way of Gosau, but you need to change trains or buses several times before you reach Obertraun.

And here is the link to the website for the Ice Caves where you can find more information: I wanted to say thanks to you for this great read!! My sense is that September is relatively late in the season and that your chances of finding a place to stay when you get there are good.

Also, if Hallstatt is full you can probably find a place in Obertraun across the lake, or perhaps in Bad Goisern a few km to the north of Hallstatt. However, unless you are really comfortable with uncertainty, or really flexible, make a reservation now. I need to know of the best way to get them to Hallstatt from Vienna. I think I covered the best way in my post. Board the train in Hallstatt, buy the ticket there or on the train, and travel to Vienna via Attnang-Puchheim. There is practically no chance of getting on the wrong train in Hallstatt, and your parents need to make sure they board the right train in Attnang-Puchheim.

In general, I find the best place to buy tickets in Austria is at the train station, or if you are riding by bus, on the bus. You can also buy them in advance from the ÖBB travel portal, here is the link. Booking in advance is not abseoutlly necessary but in most cases you can save money by booking in advance even if it is only few days in advance you can do so online if you have a laptop or any other possibility to go online.

I will join you a website where you can book which is used in Germany and Austria and neighbouring countries they also offer a best available rate guarantee. You can with most bigger hotels also check to book directly but most time HRS offers better rates.

In Wien Vienna I would book previously otherwise you really risk to waste time searching for a hotel which does not mean you will not find any but you will have to ask at several hotels for sure. Hallo Roland, the station I need to get to for my skiing trip is called Landeck. My mistake, I simply assumed you misspelled Bad Ischl. There is also great skiing in that area although the best skiing is nearer to Hallstatt than Bad Ischl, so I gave you the wrong answer.

Ischgl is entirely Tirolean, of course, with excellent skiing and in a completely different part of the country. I looked at the train schedule from Hallstatt to Landeck and saw that you would get on the train at Hallstatt actually across the lake from Hallstatt , change trains at Attnang-Puchheim, and from there travel to Landeck without further change.

However, I believe the train does go by way of Salzburg. So back to your original question: I think it would be a better use of your time to travel from Vienna to Hallstatt, via Attnang-Puchheim or Steinach-Irdning, without going to Salzburg first. Then travel from Hallstatt to Salzburg, visit Salzburg, and then proceed to Landeck. Hallo Roland, Thank you for the reply. I might be confused but we are going to ski in Ischgl not Bad Ischgl. I was under the impression that they are two different places.

The place I want to get to is on the other side of Innsbruck. My question then would be: Do I have to pass through Salzburg? How much time does it take to get from Salzburg to Hallstatt via the train? I am planning a trip for next June. The plan is to stay in Vienna for 3 nights, then 2 in Salzburg over new year and then 2 in Hallstatt before going to Ischgl for a week of skiing. It seems that to get to the ski resort from Hallstatt we have to pass through Salzburg which means we will go back to the place that we have visited before coming to Hallstatt.

It appears that we will then waste some time. My question is, would it make more sense and save time to rather visit Hallstatt from Vienna over New Year first and then go to Salzburg before we go to the ski resort. If we travel to Hallstatt from Vienna, do we have to pass through Salzburg. If that is the case we will not save any time. Your assistance is appreciated. The answer is no, it would be a colossal waste of time.

The simplest way to get from Hallstatt to Bad Ischl is by taking the ferry across the lake to the train station the ferry is part of the train system , board the train and ride the 20 or so km to Bad Ischl. Hallstatt is a lot closer to Bad Ischl than Ischl is to Salzburg, both in distance and time. I would go to Salzburg first, then from Salzburg to Hallstatt, and from there to your ski resort in Bad Ischl.

Or you could go to Hallstatt after your stay at the ski resort and proceed from there directly to Vienna. You could go from Salzburg to Vienna by way of Hallstatt. Get on the bus or train in Salzburg, stop at Hallstatt for the day and continue from there to Vienna. You can get the necessary info at the Salzburg main train station Hauptbahnhof , or better yet at the visitor information also at the Hauptbahnhof.

If you go by bus from Salburg to Bad Ischl my preferred route , you can also get that info at the Bad Ischl train station. As for weather and mist: You get mist rising from the woods after a rain, chances of fog over the lake are good, too. Yes, but a half day is better than no day. Leave Hallstatt for another day. Both cities are much more culturally diverse than Hallstatt and you can find many more rewarding things to do indoors than in Hallstatt. Also, as you travel east in Austria, as from Salzburg to Vienna, the climate gets drier.

So if it looks like endless rain around Salzburg — head east. On the other hand, if the prediction is for scattered showers, you might take a chance. This could provide you with the misty landscapes you are looking for. When you stay overnight, try to get up early enough for a stroll through town just after dawn, regardless of weather. Get an umbrella if you have to, it would be worth while. Is it still possible for me to get to Hallstatt in the 4-day trip?

How should I allocate my trip? Would it be worthwhile to do a day trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt? Of course, but 2 days would be better. Hallstatt can be easily toured in a day, but it requires much more time to take it all in. Your info provided is very useful. Is there any discount offer for Salzburg card holder? Or is travelling via bus or train expensive? The Salzburg Card is an excellent bargain , but in Hallstatt it will only get you a discounted admission to the salt mines.

You might also consider the Salzkammergut Card. Click on this link to check it out. In Hallstatt it will reduce the cost of the museum, the cable car to the base of the Hochtal — high above Hallstatt with an excellent view, entrance to nearby salt mines, and possibly other venues as well.

There are also plenty of other exciting things to do nearby, such as a ride to the top of the Dachstein mountain on a cable car. So look around, you might find something that interests you and get a discount on top. Unless you are traveling as a family of four or more, riding by bus or train is less expensive than buying gas and rental for a car.

How much time does it take to reach Hallstatt from Salzburg using the bus and ferry route? Thank you for the lovely post by the way! The ferry is timed to meet the train, but the train, although it runs frequently, is not timed to meet the bus. Try to get a front seat in the bus. Stay tuned and enjoy. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

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2. Hohenwerfen Castle

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