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Extensive know-how

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Grapefruit No online purchase in your country. Banana No online purchase in your country. Melody - Dots No online purchase in your country. Summer - Dots No online purchase in your country. Blossom - Dots No online purchase in your country. Luna - Dots No online purchase in your country. Anabel No online purchase in your country. Rosalie No online purchase in your country. For general question regarding products or services you can also call: TROX provides bespoke solutions that set new standards for research facilities and laboratories all over the world: For all types of laboratories, whether chemical, pharmaceutical, biological or medical, for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX and forrelated areas such as storage rooms for solvents, chemicals or compressed gas cylinders.

For all safety levels: Biosafety level BSL 1—4. With adjustable, flexible solutions, be it a stand-alone system for a small lab or a solution for a large laboratory with many rooms and hence a large number of fume cupboards and workbenches that are connected by a bus system.

Since its release 20 years ago, it has been constantly adapted to the demands of the market. The extensive know-how and expertise gained from many meetings and discussions with specialist consultants have led to the development of innovative and practical solutions which fulfil the desire of our customers for simplified assembly, wiring, commissioning, maintenance, and expandability of the.

It is not surprising, then, that TROX air management systems are successfully used in hundreds of laboratories all over the world. TROX has both the know-how and the expertise to continually raise standards in the field of air distribution for laboratories. Since our experts have been members of the standards committees for the EN , EN , DIN Part 7, and other guidelines and have provided valuable input to these bodies. Complete systems One-stop shop.

In laboratories, where hazardous substances are handled, the design of the ventilation and air conditioning system has to focus on the protection of lab staff and of the environment. Three prime objectives according to EN have to be achieved:. While splash and shatter protection can obviously be ensured by the construction of a fume cupboard, the first two points require volume flow control.

This is why air management also has the principal task of creating conditions that meet these requirements reliably and efficiently, in Germany to DIN and EN Providing sufficient fresh air while complying with the comfort criteria stated in EN Diluting and removing hazardous substances that might have been released in the fume cupboard or lab in order to prevent health risks that may result from breathing contaminated air.

Satisfying the extract air and supply air demand for lab equipment. The extract air flow determines the required supply air flow. The extract air quantity depends on the type and size of a lab and on the fume cupboards and other extraction equipment.

At night, a reduced air change rate is sufficient. In laboratories, research institutes and similar facilities, the air conditioning system must ensure different pressure conditions in order to prevent the release of substances from a lab into other parts of the building.

These pressure conditions can be achieved in two ways: Constant supply air to extract air difference and hence constant air transfer. Room pressure control based on a pressure setpoint value. Contaminated air must be diluted, cleaned and removed from a building on the shortest possible way. Room air quality and comfort in the workplace Apart from ensuring that the protection goals are achieved, room air conditioning must also create a comfortable environment with a high room air quality and a comfortable climate.

The degree to which the room air quality affects motivation, well-being and general acceptance of a workplace cannot be underestimated. Studies have shown that an increase in the supply air flow rate leads to a significantly higher performance and general satisfaction, and that good air is directly related to fewer allergies and infections and hence fewer absences due to sickness. Whether fume cupboard or desk, a flexible air conditioning system must ensure maximum well-being and ultimate safety in the workplace at all times.

Apart from the important task of retaining contaminated air, the air conditioning system must create a comfortable work environment, and then without creating too much noise. The wide spectrum of air conditioning systems, units and components puts TROX into a unique position: The sheer number of proven solutions, and the extensive expertise that TROX engineers have built up over the years and by working on the most diverse projects, provide our customers with tailored air conditioning systems and overall safety.

Energy-efficient and demand-based ventilation. To operate a laboratory as efficiently as possible and to considerably lower the operating costs, which are substantial in any case, it is necessary to reduce the volume flow rates to the lowest level that is hygienically safe.

Air treatment and air distribution should be as efficient as possible. TROX air management systems achieve a very high level of efficiency due to intelligent volume flow rate control. The ventilation and air conditioning system runs with full power only when people are actually working in a lab. At other times a lower room air change rate will be sufficient. The air conditioning system must try to achieve a balance between effective air distribution, energy efficiency of the system, and safety and comfort of the staff.

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