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As a consequence, these activities are concentrated in the loess-covered areas in the west and around Marktheidenfeld.


Liebe Mitbürgerinnen und Mitbürger, verehrte Gäste aus nah und fern!

Was a repair necessary or did our employees recognise that a fundamental technical reconditioning would be worthwhile? All of the system activities recorded in the logbook are easy to understand and made available transparently. Furthermore, we always have a sympathetic ear for our investors and improve our reporting accordingly.

You will have a full overview of all activities. We stand by our performance and offer percent transparency. These can be easily combined to match your individual requirements. We cover maintenance work or regular upkeep of green areas.

We check whether the solar modules need to be cleaned, and commission competent partners on site. If necessary, our technicians renew the individual components or optimise the entire system. We enforce warranty claims against suppliers or settle cases of damage with insurance.

We review the economic efficiency of all measures before implementing them. This is done so that you do not incur any unnecessary expenses that affect your yield. In the course of our lifecycle management we coordinate a smooth execution of the following services, which can be assigned individually. The solar modules used in a photovoltaic system are subject to a standardised test carried out by the manufacturers prior to delivery.

You will receive a test certificate with details on the actual performance in contrast to the nominal output and you can be sure that the modules are working flawlessly. The thermoelectric properties of solar modules mean that they pose a source of danger if damaged or faulty.

Solar modules produce electric direct-current voltage the moment that light falls upon them. By inter-connecting the modules in strings, high enough voltages can be achieved to cause life-threatening electric shocks if live cables with damaged insulations or faulty system components are touched. Furthermore, there is a risk of developing electric arcs that develop an enormous heat of several thousand degrees Celsius. It is not possible to detect defective solar modules, poor contacts or over-heated components with the naked eye or through current measurements.

These are therefore the most frequent causes for fires or defects in photovoltaic systems. PV systems installed on roofs should be regularly examined with a thermal imaging camera in order to minimise the fire hazard. Only then can damaged solar modules and components be detected and promptly replaced. Our technicians analyse all detected irregularities. Their many years of experience mean that they are familiar with the different fault patterns and are able to interpret these correctly and develop proposals for solutions.

The results of the thermographic inspection and our recommendations for the continued approach are recorded in a report. Only through the thermographic inspection of your PV system can you be certain that the solar modules used provide maximum performance, and that the risk of accidents and fire damages has been reduced to a minimum. What is important is which components you use and how well your PV system has been constructed.

If in doubt, contact us. Before it starts to burn. Shading caused by trees, bushes or grasses can considerably reduce the yield of your photovoltaic system.

In the typical series connection of solar modules, even the smallest shadows on individual modules can lead to significantly reduced currents in a string. If required, the plants that cast shadows must be cut back. With our cost-benefit analysis, you can find out whether the gardening alterations pay off. Only then will we start work. Our partners know the safety regulations relating to accessing photovoltaic systems. We place great importance on an ecologically flawless interaction with nature and do not use any chemicals.

We protect our investment and the environment. Our management of green areas, in contrast, is less expensive for you - gardening that pays off immediately. The glass surfaces of advanced solar modules in most locations are kept clean through rainfall. The snow that slips off in the winter months provides for the same effect. The soiling of modules significantly depends on the location. Clammy waste gases, bird droppings, sand, dust, pollen, moss, leaves and similar can considerably impair the performance of the modules, leading to substantially reduced yield.

The modules installed horizontally are exposed to heavier soiling than those mounted at a greater incline. The performance of your system should be examined regularly through taking measurements and performing visual inspections. After the data analysis, a possible surplus yield is compared to the costs of a cleaning cycle and then a decision is made as to whether it should be cleaned. You should have the cleaning of solar modules and remaining components of the photovoltaic system carried out by certified specialists who have the special know-how required in order to prevent damages caused by unsuitable treatment and tools or the incorrect cleaning agent.

Even the executing companies need to be aware of the risks of a direct current power generation system in order to prevent life-threatening accidents. The solar modules of your system should be cleaned with specially prepared water. Normal hard water can lead to performance reducing deposits.

We will only recommend it once it has been ensured that the cleaning costs are actually lower than the resulting surplus yield. You will therefore only pay for this service if it can be demonstrated that it is going to pay off. This means that we avoid unnecessary expenses and your investment is protected as fully as possible. Competent experts should be responsible for this. Otherwise the damage could be greater than the benefit. Larger photovoltaic systems are often directly connected to the medium-voltage network.

In doing so, you must observe the conditions of the network operator and the standards, regulations and laws, which vary from country to country. We operate systems in eight European countries and are aware of the different national requirements.

Over many years, the components of your photovoltaic system are exposed to the weather. The differences in temperature in summer and winter and between day and night can lead to thermal expansion and extreme mechanical loading of the substructure.

Fluctuations in atmospheric humidity put a strain on the electrical and electronic components and can lead to the corrosion of contacts and bolted connections.

It is therefore necessary to renew the severely stressed or defective components during the lifecycle of your system. Then you should think about preventative maintenance. We examine the functionality and wear of all components and, if required, ensure replacement.

After that everything runs smoothly again. It may be necessary to adjust your photovoltaic system for technical innovations and changes in the external environment, in order to optimise the yield. The reasons for this could be, for example, shadows cast by newly erected buildings, an out-dated software version for the inverter or string wiring that is unfavourable under the changed conditions.

With the help of greentec services, you can respond in time and avoid cuts in yield. Based on an analysis and a subsequent calculation of economic efficiency, we recommend concrete measures to optimise your PV system in such cases. With greentec services, you will discover whether a reconstruction is worth it, and how you can optimise your yield. In recent years, many photovoltaic systems have been established under time pressure or with the use of defective components.

The reasons for this were expiring assistance measures, delivery bottlenecks of components and poor planning. Such first-generation PV systems often do not function economically under present conditions. The yield situation of these systems, however, can be significantly improved in many cases by using new technologies.

The keyword is repowering. In contrast to gradual optimisation, an aged PV system is comprehensively renewed with repowering, in order to re-establish economic efficiency and to maximise yield for its remaining term. Due to its many years of experience in operating photovoltaic systems, greentec services has the know-how to bring an outdated and uneconomical system in line with the latest technical standards.

In a detailed business plan, we will show you if the reconstruction of your system is worthwhile and what yields you can expect after repowering. This only results in a fraction of the costs that would have been necessary for a new investment in photovoltaics.

There are often changes to the legal framework conditions within the lifecycle of a PV system. As a result, technical and administrative adaptations must be carried out. If these changes are not implemented in due time, it can result in considerable additional costs and financial penalties.

We support our customers in the implementation of all relevant requirements in due time. We are aware of the respective circumstances and can keep the costs low because we carry out these works for large numbers of our customers.

We are in constant contact with manufacturers, electricians and insurance companies. Her hope was that he would give in to the Gestapo and find a church outside the Rhineland. Paul, however, had made a firm decision while in the Gestapo prison at Koblenz.

He would resist unjustified bullying. With questioning in her mind, Gretel reminded him that if he went back to his Dickenschied pulpit, he would be rearrested. Paul quoted some words from a Bible verse to her. They came from Judges 5: With powerful arms he hugged Gretel to his chest. I wept for you. It was 5 October , Harvest Festival Sunday. Paul Schneider returned to Dickenschied. His family and friends were overjoyed to see him. However, the well-informed people knew he was taking a risk.

He preached at Dickenschied in the morning on Psalm Did he have any idea that it would be his last pulpit message — that the very act of preaching in his own church would lead to the loss of all he held dear? He went by car to Womrath to take the evening service.

Police cars with flashing lights blocked the road. As he was arrested, he called out to Gretel: He was held for some time in Koblenz prison, constantly being urged to sign a document agreeing to banishment. It did not have the power to help Paul Schneider, one of its most distinguished members. Effectively, the Gestapo had absolute power about who could be arrested, and what to do with protestors.

Those in prison paid for their own captivity by the confiscation of all assets. It was a good thing Paul lived in a house he did not own. Gretel and the children said a final farewell. Karl Koch, the Nazi in charge of the camp, had total power over the inmates. The guards constantly taunted Schneider.

Just consider the immense pressure on him to sign and go back to his family! From the beginning he had no privileges. Like the others, he worked sixteen-hour shifts. Constantly he maintained his Christian witness.

He fasted every Friday and gave his meagre food ration to others. To honour him, the prisoners were lined up and ordered to remove their berets and venerate the Nazi swastika flag. As one man the parade whipped off its headgear. The guards noticed the solitary figure who would not bow to the swastika — Paul Schneider. For this he was viciously struck twenty-five times with an oxhide whip. His bleeding body was left in solitary confinement.

Here he stayed for the next fifteen months. The cell was four feet wide and ten feet long 1. There was no furniture, no electric light, and all he ever had to eat was bread and water. Before long he became a broken skeleton. His clothes became rags and his body crawled with vermin. Nor was he allowed a Bible. On the morning of Sunday, 28 August , Paul Schneider preached through the bars of his cell to men lined up for the Survivors recorded what he said: If we have faith in him, we are put right with God.

We need not fear what man may do to us because we, through Christ, belong to the kingdom of God…Our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us has promised that we, by faith in him, may participate in his resurrection. He that believes in me shall never die.

After two minutes guards rushed into his cell and pulled him away from the bars of the window. For this message he was once again tied to a rack and suffered another twenty-five strokes of the whip. In January two prisoners who tried to escape were hanged in front of the assembled inmates. Paul Schneider called out through his cell window: He continued his brief messages through the cell window.

One prisoner recalled Paul Schneider preaching the message of new life in Christ on Easter day Another who survived later commented: Finally, on 18 July , the starved, beaten, bleeding Paul Schneider died when the camp doctor injected a massive overdose of strophanthin.

Paul was forty-one years old. Gretel became a widow at the age of thirty-five. At the time he was staying in London with his sister Sabine. You must never forget the name of Pastor Paul Schneider. He is our first martyr. Gretel arranged for the body to be brought home. Gretel and the six children survived the horror of that war. She lived as a widow until her death on 27 December , twelve days before her ninety-ninth birthday.

She lived to see all her children grow up, and her husband become respected as a martyr by the Evangelical Church of the Rhineland. There is even a Pastor Paul Schneider Association, founded at Weimar in , dedicated to keeping his memory alive. Visitors to his cell in the bunker at Buchenwald can now see his photograph, a plaque in honour of his sacrifice and the words of a biblical text selected by his widow: Robertson translated it into English.

Occasional articles appeared in the years that followed. All previous work was superseded in when Claude R. This definitive sourcebook runs to pages and contains a great deal of new information, much of it derived from Gretel Schneider. West Chester University Press publishes it. A German translation is available. It can be ordered via the Pastor Paul Schneider Association, whose website is: To encourage other Christians to take a stand, when necessary, for faith and conscience.

To influence our daily thought as to how a Christian life can be lived. Unable to display Facebook posts. Contact us How can you help? Yom Kippur — Pointing to the final atonement Do all Israel have a part in the world to come? Atonement — How can I be sure? The goals of the association are: Application has been deleted. Return to top of page. If you cancel your ticket, your seat reservation is also cancelled. This does not apply to seat reservations that have been changed.

Also remember that the coach class for your ticket first or second class and that of the changed seat reservation must be identical. Reserve your daily seat and commute comfortably and economically with Deutsche Bahn. Permanent reservation in German Seat reservations from permanent reservations can also be refunded or changed once free of charge up to and on the first day of validity.

Seats together for more than 5 persons or a specific seat booking for Intercity-Express ICE trains are available from the ticket shop or via the Deutsche Bahn service phone number: To reserve the specific seats for disabled persons and their companions, please send an e-mail to mobility service headquarters. Family reservations up to five persons, of which at least one person must be a child, total price EUR 9 can be booked online.

If you are travelling with young children, you can also select a parent-child compartment here. You will be informed immediately whether seats are still available in the parent-child compartment. For some regional trains in Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein , you can reserve seats at the ticket machines. We are working on making it possible to reserve seats on regional trains in other regions too.

The seats with seat reservations are in marked areas of the coach. Please present your reservation confirmation when tickets are checked. Coblenz - Trier Wittlich - Perl Westpfalznetz: Karlsruhe - Landau-Neustadt Wstr. RB 64 Husum - Bad St. Watch this video to learn how to book your preferred seat. In German with English subtitles.

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