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Movie Stars, Mansions, Exotic Cars. Name something that might spoil a snow skiing trip. This is disappointing news and will not be well received by our many supporters. However, please be patient, as it simply indicates a delay rather than a negative decision. Indeed, we understand that HE may need to have further discussions with the DfT during the next few weeks before making any announcement, and that it may therefore still be a while before we can expect any announcement.

Arundel By Candlelight is a popular event in our calendar drawing many people to our town. The Arundel Chamber of Commerce and Arundel Town Council would like your feedback on the event and how you think it should develop in the coming years. It was a hive of activity at the Museum, with over visitors attending the event and enjoying the 36 acre site.

The Greenwood village featured the Bodger, Stonemason and wood crafts. Glyn Jones was busy demonstrating the newly restored horizontal saw which dates back to and the Wood Turners were displaying their skills, as were the two potters. Brian Johnson the organiser has been running this event since the first one back in October , and it has gone from strength to strength over the last 39 years.

This will lead up to the Museums 40th Birthday in May ; the Museum officially opened for its first season in May Amberley Museum is a registered charity, relying heavily on the support of its strong team of volunteers, and returning annual members. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or a member, the Museum is holding a Members and Volunteers day on Sunday 29th October, as they close their season.

Amberley Museum is a remarkable heritage site in the Sussex South Downs, with 36 acres to explore and over 40 exhibit buildings to visit, focusing on industrial and transport history. Take a ride on the narrow gauge railway and historic bus. Exhibits include the telecommunications hall, electricity hall, lime kilns, steam engines, working printshop and more. The Museum is accessibility friendly and dogs are welcome on site.

They re-open 7th March until 28th October For more information on events or their education programme, please see their website for full details, www. Deputy Lieutenant, Carole Hayward, spurred walkers on ahead of cutting the ribbon for the group of more than 60 walkers to start, and were joined by Chief Executive, Pilar Cloud, who completed the first 12km of the walk alongside all those taking part.

The charity has gone through an exciting year of change, moving to a new home in Cuckfield to grow their services around their core service of conductive education, to include messy play sessions, weekly swimming sessions and music therapy sessions. The generosity shown has been wonderful, it was a fantastic day and just loads of fun. We could not have done it without them, and it is brilliant that we have been able to welcome back walkers from previous years, as well as welcoming new supporters.

Finally, a huge thank you to our sponsors, Audi Five Oaks, for their continued support. After all the debates during the past 6 weeks, we now need to respond to the Highways England consultation exercise and tell them our individual views. The purpose of this Newsletter is therefore to ask you, if you have not done so already, to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to do so before 16 October.

There are a variety of ways in which you can respond to Highways England:. We are aware that many people may find the written and electronic copies of the consultation questionnaire difficult to fill-in, and therefore strongly recommend that, instead, you consider sending HE an e-mail message setting out your views.

The important thing is not to be put off by any difficulties that you may encounter with the HE Form. As far as the content of your response is concerned, there are two important questions to be answered.

In the meantime, OneArundel will of course be submitting a corporate response on behalf of us all. Finally, as we keep saying, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find an effective solution to the traffic congestion on the A27 at Arundel, and it should not be missed. All of the works on display are available for purchase. Tony worked as a Research Scientist in Cambridge and used photography as a way to switch off from his work.

He is now retired he focuses on his photography full-time. Arundel Town Council and Visit Arundel www. This is a short but important Newsletter to remind you all where OneArundel stands as far as the Bypass Options are concerned, and to urge all those of our supporters who live in Arundel to do your best to attend the meeting in St Nicholas Church on Monday 25 September.

Whilst we are sure where we stand on this important issue, Arundel Town Council has yet to decide its view and, in order to help it do so, it has arranged the Parish Meeting in St Nicholas Church on Monday 25 September at 7. It is however clear that the noisy minority of anti-bypass campaigners may seek to dominate the meeting. So, bearing in mind the position that we have taken regarding the need for a bypass and the best Option 5A , we believe that it is essential that as many as possible of those of us who live in Arundel do your very best to attend the meeting and say your piece, thereby ensuring that the Town Council is well aware of the majority view in support of the bypass and which route should be chosen.

Finally, as we have said before, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find an effective solution to the traffic congestion on the A27 at Arundel, and it would be a shame to miss it. Visit the One Arundel website here. The purpose of this Newsletter is therefore to set out the reasons why we have come to this conclusion, highlighting the pros and cons of Options 3 and 5A.

So, what are the facts? This means that the views and recommendations of the SDNPA cannot be put aside lightly by those who have to take the final decision concerning the route of the Bypass. All the routes proposed would go through parts of the National Park and we will be assessing their relative impacts upon it.

It is clear even now that the noisy minority of anti-bypass campaigners will seek to dominate the meeting. So please do what you can to keep that date free and attend the meeting, thereby ensuring that the Town Council is well aware of the majority view in support of the bypass. The prime purpose of this Newsletter is to start to address to question of which route Option for the Arundel Bypass out of Nos.

It will therefore concentrate of the pros and cons of Option 1 — which we think is the worst of the three, and which should be rejected. This Option which, according to Highways England was suggested by West Sussex County Council, will involve the building of a new dual-carriageway road from Crossbush to the bridge by the Ford Roundabout, a new single-carriageway bridge over the river alongside the existing bridge, and the conversion of the single-carriageway Hospital Hill into a new dual-carriageway road until it meets the existing dual-carriageway just to the west of The Swan Hotel.

There are a number of facts which suggest at first sight that Option 1 should be given serious consideration. In summary, although Option 1 may be the cheapest option and have some superficially attractive advantages, in practice it is likely to the very worst option, especially as it would involve more than 46, vpd using the Ford Road Roundabout compared with only some 28, vpd now which is quite bad enough. OneArundel therefore recommends that Option 1 should be rejected as unsuitable, and that your completed Questionnaires should say this very strongly.

It is a very bad idea, and we do not want the A27 to continue to run through the town. The next edition of this Newsletter will address the question of which of Option 3 and Option 5A is best for Arundel, so you might like to consider delaying the submission of your completed Questionnaire to Highways England until you have read it.

However, if anyone has any queries, then please do not hesitate to let us know — we will try our very best to answer them as soon as possible.

For those of you who live in Arundel, herewith a date for your diary. On Monday 25 September at 7. Finally, many thanks for the very generous donations that we have received, however a few more would be very welcome in order to cover the costs that we have already incurred as well as the campaign activities planned between now and mid-October.

A donation of any size would be very much appreciated. The options to be presented will aim to improve traffic flow, journey times, safety and accessibility, boost local economic growth and minimise the impact on the environment. This is an excellent starting point, and we hope this information will be useful to you when considering how to counter the views of the anti-road, anti-car, anti-bypass campaigners.

Highways England will be holding a series of public consultation events between August and October, with the first one taking place in Arundel Town Hall on the afternoon on 22 August. In addition, Highways England is proposing to write to some 67, local householders giving details of the consultation process.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know details of the process for informing either the business community or the population of Storrington — details to follow. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find an effective solution to the traffic congestion on the A 27 at Arundel, and we are determined not to miss it. Finally, it would be very helpful if as many people as possible would please consider writing a letter to the local newspapers explaining why you support the Arundel Bypass project, and why the views of those who oppose it are misplaced.

Also, any supportive comments which you would like to include on our Facebook page would be very welcome. Lord Arundel chatted to almost every student asking them to describe their artworks in detail enquiring whether they were pieces for their GCSEs or A levels. The participating schools are: Philip Howard Catholic High School. The exhibition in the Jubilee Gallery at the Museum runs from 7th — 28th August will also be part of Arundel Festival and Arundel Art Trail which takes place during the exhibition period and is open every day from 10 — 4pm.

The Museum is situated opposite the Arundel Castle entrance. Fontwell Park Racing are looking for a temporary member of staff for about 4 — 6 weeks. However, there will be other requirements such as some ops and some general office admin support. Arundel Town Council has identified six transport and access schemes that it would like to submit to West Sussex County Council for consideration.

In order for any application to be made, the Town Council needs to establish whether these schemes have community support. An online survey has been launched seeking your feedback and opinions on whether you think any or all of the schemes should go ahead.

There are questions about:. Start the survey by clicking here. We are pleased to say that we already have over signed-up supporters, and that the number is rising every day. The latest information is available on the News page of our website, and it is particularly good that a number of local businesses are supportive.

In the meantime, anything that each of you can to to spread the word, and especially to encourage friends, neighbours and colleagues to sign-up, really would be very much appreciated. In particular, we are keen to bring our campaign to the notice of those who live in Houghton, Amberley and Storrington, all of whom are adversely affected by the rat running that occurs as drivers seek to avoid the congestion on the A27 at Arundel.

Please see what you can do to help. On Sussex Wildlife Day all activities are included with your paid admission to wetland reserve and visitor centre. Sign up for the walks on the day and just drop into the pond dipping, story time and craft activities. Visitors can take a wildflower walk with wetland herbalist Sheila Stenning at 10am and meet wetland wildfowl from around the world on a Living Collection Tour with our friendly WWT guide Roger Broad at 11am.

A Water Vole Wander at 3. There is an afternoon craft session for adults and pond dipping for all. Pre-schoolers will love the Nature Storytime Session in the play area in the morning. Your admission price supports wildlife conservation in Sussex and around the world.

Philips Primary School presented her with Chocolates and flowers. We're all going to be asked our views on development of the A27 through and around Arundel by the end of the summer. Highways England has announced that it will consult publicly on its A27 Arundel Bypass project this summer. As a result it suffers from congestion, particularly junctions at Crossbush, The Causeway and Ford Road.

This scheme aims to reduce congestion through Arundel by means of a new dual carriageway bypass. The bypass would link together the two existing dual carriageway sections of the A27 either side of Arundel. We are also assessing alternative options including online junction improvements. These proposals are subject to consultation with the National Parks Authority, Local Government and the public.

Arundel Town Council has long been in favour of bypass development, specifically the 'pink-blue' route. In a statement on its website from March it says: But not all local residents agree. Below is a round-up of five of the most active groups debating the issue. We just need the pinch points that cause unacceptable queuing to be resolved with a very short new bypass that does the minimum damage to the countryside. A network seeking long term solutions to A27 and other transport issues at Arundel.

We oppose plans for an A27 dual carriageway, but aim for better value, improved access through a mix of measures including road improvements, walking and cycling infrastructure and public transport investment. A rural Sussex parish responds to encroaching roads, pollution and the destruction of the English countryside. Owners of iconic Arundel shop celebrate 10 years success in face of High Street threats.

Mr Brantigan and business partner Mark Robinson swopped their London careers to take over Pallant of Arundel 10 years ago. We have strong relationships with local producers and pride ourselves on passing on their passion to our customers. We also hope to see as many customers as possible to celebrate the anniversary with us. Set high on a hill in West Sussex, this great Castle commands the landscape with magnificent views across the South Downs and the River Arun.

Founded at the end of the 11th Century, it has been the family home of the Dukes of Norfolk and their ancestors for nearly years. By joining the Pony Club you can become part of one of the biggest, friendliest "horsey families" in the UK. Richard and I look forward to meeting new and existing Pianoroom Portsmouth customers over the coming months.

Arundel makes for a perfect day out with a fabulous Castle, beautiful walks plus a eclectic selection of independent retail stores, antique emporiums, tea rooms and restaurants. I will also pop up working occasional days at the store but will mostly be found in Arundel after April.

Article written by Deborah Smith The vision - that Arundel becomes the first proactively wildlife-aware and respectful home town and visitor destination in the country.

This would be achieved by a simultaneous marketing campaign and a community development programme. Please communicate comments and suggestions especially from those individuals and businesses who can see the potential in this idea and who want to do more for wildlife in the green and brown spaces under their influence or control. The picturesque castle and cathedral in this historic West Sussex town provide the perfect backdrop for its candlelit Christmas market.

Cuddle a cup of hot mulled wine, revel in the scent of roasting chestnuts and celebrate all things festive. If you are interested, or want more details of what is involved, please contact: Matt Williams Chairman on arundelyouthclub aol.

West Sussex County Council has announced changes to the opening hours of its household waste recycling sites across the county. Our nearest cen tre, in Littlehampton, will now be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and there are new opening times:. There may also be charges for the disposal of certain types of refuse, including rubble, tyres, plasterboard, bathroom furniture and paving slabs. Arundel Community Netowork Bulletin, 4th October If you are interested in sponsoring a Town Crier please contact Angela on: In order to recognise this they wish to present a Community award for an individual or group based in Arundel which has made an outstanding positive contribution to the Town during the year.

Nominations are requested for the Arundel Community Award. Please submit your nomination to the Town Hall by Friday 28 October - asstwnclrk arundeltowncouncil. For more information contact the Town Hall on or visit www. The Visit Arundel website would like all their clients to know that Alice, who has been working for the website for several years, has moved on to other ventures.

She will be greatly missed and Ash would like to thank her for all her hard work over the last few years. This award was created by The Queen in to mark the occasion of her Golden Jubilee, recognising excellence in voluntary activities carried out by groups in the community. It is the MBE for volunteer groups. We hope that everyone feels immensely proud of the recognition that this Award represents. It has an additional pull out sofa bed ideal for children as well as a large comfy double bed and….

We wanted to use only the best…. We are conveniently situated between Portsmouth 30 minute drive away and Brighton …. Enjoy modern comforts in a traditional style. Angel Cottage stands on the site that forms part of the General Abercrombie Pub lost to a fire some years ago.

The master bedroom has a…. As running specialists, we would like to help members complete their first 5k Park….

Sussex Film Office is the one stop film shop in Sussex. We provide support for companies and individuals planning and undertaking location filming or photoshoots in the area. Double bedroom with private bathroom. Arundel is such a great place to live but I noticed there are so many people living in the area who would like to meet more people and do more…. We open at 9am from…. This monthly magazine is packed with great reads from celebrity interviews, the latest fashion…. Providing professional, bespoke dermagraphic art within a private, peaceful space.

Hand-drawn, custom designs are available or feel free to contact the studio to arrange a consultation to discuss your ideas….

The only nail salon in Arundel. Woods Travel Ltd has been serving the south with award-winning passenger transportation for 45 years. To mark the occasion, the company hosted a grand open day celebration at Arundel Castle Cricket Ground on Saturday May 14, Over past, present and potential customers attended the event for an opportunity learn more about the history of the family-run business and its current wide range of trips and holidays, as well having the option to experience one of their luxury coaches first-hand.

Woods also had a shuttle service, by coach, running to and from Arundel town throughout the day. Display boards containing details of selected coach holidays, day trips, cruises and other travel agency products were perfect in wetting the travel appetite of the visitors.

Our hard-working staff, for the immense amount of effort they put into the day, our amazing travel partners for providing exciting and informative presentations and the team at Arundel Castle Cricket ground for helping us create the perfect venue.

But most of all thank you to our wonderful, loyal customers, those who attended our event, and all those who have used our services over the years — it is because of them that our grand celebration was possible.

Sussex by Air also created this absolutely incredible video of the day: The Mayor is dressed in historic robes that were made in for the vist of Queen Victoria to Arundel that year: To enable the council to greet the Queen with the appropriate dignity it was decided that the.

Councillors should be "apparelled in suitable robes of office", the custom of wearing such robes having passed away over the years. The Town Clerk was therefore instructed to obtain patterns from the Councils of Portsmouth and Guildford, with the result that the shape and design of the latter was used. The Mayoral Chain, of 18 carat gold and enamel, is decorated with suns Heraldic suns, suns in glory and white roses.

From a large red rose in the centre, surmounted by a white rose is the pendant badge, charged with the insignia of the Town: Suns and white roses can also be found on the tombs of several of the Fitzalans. TheMace bearer, protecting the Mayor, carries a mace that is 2 feet 6 inches long in silver gilt. This is surmounted in a royal crown, with the armorial ensigns of the Stuart sovereigns on the cap.

This year Councillor James Stewart, is being both the old mayor and the new one, did not have to leave the Chamber to exchange robes as would be the case if someone else was talking over.

So he was sworn in by the Town Clerk. She too has been re-elected to the role by her fellow councillors.

Following the oaths, the Mayor thanked councillors for their support and they applauded both the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Back then the average price of a property in the U. With a pint of milk costing 1. It was seemingly after the Second World War when property prices really started to take off.

In fact, the U. This article was also featured in the Chichester Observer's property section on 21st April

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