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Single day tickets?

Wander around like everyone else during the day, and at night find a place to hang your hammock.

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Mar 3, 1: If the unnecessary sarcastic posts are indicative of the people who have been shouting out for the VIP camping group - I'm so in. These are my kind of people. Mar 1, 4: Mar 1, Mar 2, Back to Top Dec 12, Never miss a Morning Jacket set. Unfortunately, I'm just here to instigate. I will be there in spirit. I would say that if Bonnaroo fails to sell out yet again, single-day tickets might not be a bad idea for them in the future.

I guess they could do that, but that would slow down lines even more to get into centeroo. They could make another entrance just for those with one day passes I suppose. I rub it in my mom's and aunt's face that I get to see him they are big fans. I should probably stop doing that As for bringing your son. It is possible to do that with some research. You have to decide if you want this trip to relax and unwind, or if you don't mind focusing on him. I would like to bring my son to Roo, but that fest is "my" time.

I see lots of kids at Roo especially in family camping. I hope you have an amazing first year! Back to Top www. One of those days where I feel like I am an alien. At least your kid has good taste in music. Time for a quick story. They had the car and everything. So I wanted to do something similar for my son. For his 4th bday party, I had some of my guy friends that are never around my son put on wigs and dress up as the Beatles and come to my sons bday party.

He was scared to DEATH of them while they were there, but as soon as they left, he was bragging to everyone that the Beatles came to his bday party, and ringo played his drum set! He still talks about it. Im taking him to see "the pretend Beatles" tomorrow night. Rain, Beatles tribute band. He sounds like a really cool kid. Teaching a tiny person about music sounds like an amazing experience.

Which is why I'm so torn about taking him or not. We are literally going to Disney world the week before roo, though. So I'm thinking momma might be selfish this year and totally make it "me" time. My work here is done. Oh dude, I think you're fine then. He'll be over the moon about that.

I'm sure there will be many more opportunities to see Sir Paul in a much more family friendly environment. And there will always be another Bonnaroo to bring him too. Holy crap I hope you're in shape. We did a 7 day Disney trip last year, and I was exhausted at the end of it. Of course we were there on their busiest week of the year, with two kids.

But I do not envy you doing a week at Disney then a week at roo back to back. Your kid will love it though. If your staying on the resort, make sure you take advantage of the room delievered souvenirs, the only way to fly. I've taken a 6 year old. One time at a festival we decorated the wagon with glow sticks and flashy lights and plopped the kids in it for the night shows.

Everyone was very respectful of our space. Fuck your confidence level. If it's your first Roo don't bring your kid. I'm a mom of two and there's always guilt and everything else but there us really nothing like your first Roo. You should be able to completely relax and take it all in.

Daveyboy Swamp Butt Music is what inspires me to get up every afternoon. Back to Top Roo: I'll just shoot Sir Paul an email. He will help us out!! I kid, I kid. Any slides or awnings must fit within the designated space as well. If you would like to park a car with your RV, it will need a separate car camping pass, and it must arrive with the RV. Help support sustainability at Bonnaroo!

From our community projects, to composting, to our BonnaROOTS dinners, if you want to give more to support even more projects like these, you can! Remember pennies add up to dollars, so give what you can! Last year people found themselves sitting next to Bonnaroo co-founders, Bonnaroo producers, artists, activists and an assortment of Bonnaroovians with an appetite for soulfully good food. You'll get 8 vehicle passes to park around your campsite.

Have more than 24 people? An additional vehicle pass will be assigned for every 3 extra people in your Groop. Additional Camping Options, Vehicle Passes, and all other add-ons are available at checkout.

If you would like to purchase a single VIP ticket, please reach out to Front Gate Tickets or call and we can help accommodate that request. Relax and enjoy mouth-watering meals in a private air conditioned tent centrally located in the VIP camping area.

Drool over last year's menu here. See Last Year's Menu. Watch music from the exclusive Main Stage viewing area, or relax backstage in the hospitality tent. Party all weekend long in multiple VIP lounges located on-site. Enjoy meals and specialty food and drink offerings prepared throughout the day for you and your crew. Camping Options, Vehicle Passes, and other add-ons are available at checkout. Includes one 4-Day GA Ticket, the choice of 2 daily departure times from Nashville, and 2 daily departure times from Bonnaroo, with complimentary water during the ride.

Learn more Already have a ticket but want to ride the shuttle? Shuttle upgrades are also available. Shop official band merch, festival merch, and specialty items from dozens of art vendors Access to GA campground. Buy now, pay later. Split your entire payment into multiple easy payments.


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