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Not only do I still have to carry that bandage on my broken right hand, I also became sick immediately after I wrote the last news here - went to in bed with tonsillitis for 2 weeks and for the first time in my life had to cancel a show.

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Grounds & Matches

Psoy and Jim will share the stage on Jan 4 in a cute little place called Casanovalounge and so far those 2 experts of wildstyle-improvising havent rehearsed yet.

This is sad and to cheer myself up i decided to do a show the same day here. To my own surprise a first review of happy hobo appeared in the Austrian der Standard with kind and clever words for the album. To read the full info go to http: The tour was ….. Maybe the booking was a bit too tough 4 countries in 1 week and nova huta and i are not the youngest anymore so it was no wonder that after finishing the tour last week i went straight to bed with a flu--I am still there. It was only the second day of the tour—we were in Heidelberg—when we spontaneously decided to reach for new limits by doing an almost 4 hour long show including a schmusesong competition, where we cannot even remember the winners.

Maybe it all started because some anonymous friend put 2 glasses of straight up vodka on stage. The day after we played in cozy wagon in Stuttgart.

We expected it to be nice and familiar but the place was so overcrowded, that the stage disappeared and there was hardly any place to dance. One week later we all met again in Athens in a 19th century temple for the berlinblinddate party at Zappeion. Thanks to the superb presswork of the Goethe institute in Athens big articles in all newspapers all sorts of people came to see what the hoopla was all about. The next morning I flew to Moscow to be jury member at a new short film festival. The day after I played a late afternoon set in a brand-new Moscow gallery complex.

The interior temperature was about as low as the outside temp and half the audience consisted of TV teams so I left the stage and did the show from among the audience as to not get a cold. I had to play at room volume and asked the audience not to clap but to wave hands instead which looked really lovely. Finally I returned to berlin and did a little show at my art opening standing on top of an old oven.

Berlin is coming to athens! For years DJs have been one of the very few profitable exports from Berlin. Yet the sound alone does not make the party. If you want to get a whiff of Berlin air, we dare you to go on a blind date with the first all Berlin night in Athens. The 2 set new standards in mixing everything they liked into a big funky cocktail of contemporary stuff. Its there, where culture is meeting subculture and the most eclectic semi-celeb elements of Berlin's hang around all night.

Neoangin and Nova Huta are going to play some shows in Germany and Europe in November to prepare for the BIG tour in March , expect entertainment and insanity mixed to the max.

Jim avignon is not only the fastest painter in the world but also really quick in releasing albums. Only 3 month ago he started recording songs, after an almost one year brake of doing nothing. And only some weeks ago he went to Villa Kurella Studios to record the best of these songs with his longtime partners Chris Imler as producer and Norman Nitzsche on the mixing desk.

The album wich is called " The happy hobo and the return of the freak " contains 17 brandnew Songs, wich show Jim in his best mood since long time. The wonderful animation video to "Hello Jukebox" by Aleksey Budovskiy won a a diploma in category of videoclips at the Krok Animatiation-Festival in Ukrainia.

Last september german radiostation WDR remembered DJ legend John Peel, who died 3 years ago in Peru with a live broadcasted collage out of interviews, music and several german radiolegends as guests. Neoangin, who is well known for being a lifetime-john-peel-fan was invitd to do short sets inbetween and mainly used his time to tell stories about the influence John Peel had on him and played a few very short songs.

A recording of these shows will be broadcasted on WDR3 on Oct 22 at 10pm. Oct D Berlin Neurotitan. Oct D Berlin Kreuzbergmuseum. Sep D Ravensburg Kunsthalle. Sep D Berlin Villa Köppe. Jul D München Atelier Empfangshalle. Jun D Ahrenshoop galerie alte Schule. Jun D Berlin Museum für Kommunikation. Jun LIB Beirut fete de la musique. Jun D Kaiserslautern tbc. Jun D Erlangen Transfer Bar. May D Wiesbaden Landesmuseum. May D Köln Illustratoren Festival. For two years an animation studio with 10 employees worked on these animations day and night.

We had already produced more than 30 one-minute clips, when the show was suddenly cancelled after its debut. I do miss the funny moments in being artist and that has to change! To give myself some pressure I just announced a couple of special themed shows on the lives of famous eccentrics and I guess I better hurry and write some new weirdo material to play to that.

After i spent a few days in bed things are good again but i am kind of in a rush now - record release is in less than 2 weeks already and i haven't sent copies to any radio or magazine or done the poster for the party yet. Big thanks to holger who helped setting up these events. There all be a recrelease party in good old Südblock over here in berlin on may 27 and i have manu louis from belgium and dj M. Bluse from the notorious tam-tam in Munich as guests.

Producer Chris Imler and Mixer Norman Nitzsche threw in their very own personalities , had plenty of unconventional ideas and turned the classical neoangin sound into something yet unheard. And already next week i will have my first unplugged show with nobody else but jens friebe playing sophisticated pianoversions of some of my songs. It will a round birthday for neoangin and to celebrate this i decided to release a box with 7inches and silkscreen printed covers - so don't you scratch my records friends In the 1 man band Neoangin will have its 20 the birthday!!!

As a bonus it had the computergame "mail strip show" on the Album wich started immadetialy as you put the Cd in your computer, and so made it rather difficult to download the songs. Its also the first one that puts those characteristic elements together, that later would be discribed as the initial neoangin sound. Did you check neoangin.

Not too much happening, here but its going to change. In the end of i was kind of exhausted with the monthly rythmn of having to do bigger solo exhibitions with the complete package of inventing a good title, flyer, press, concept and images.

But still here is also the usual kind of shows. For my summershow in valentinsstüberl not only did i smash 3 microphones but also my beloved kaossilator just passed away. As usual it all happened in a bug rush in the end. The season also saw them finish second in the league and earning promotion to the Premier Division. In the club moved back to Luton to play at The Brache. With admission 64 pages Tea: Haverhill is a market town in Suffolk, next to the borders of Essex and Cambridgeshire.

It lies 14 miles southeast of Cambridge and 45 miles north of central London. The town centre lies at the base of a gentle dip in the chalk hills of the Newmarket Ridge; running through the town is the Stour Brook, which goes on to join the River Stour just outside the town.

The surrounding countryside largely consists of arable land. Haverhill dates back to at least Saxon times and the town's market is recorded in the Doomsday Book. Whilst most of its historical buildings were lost to the great fire on 14 June , one notable Tudor-era house remains reportedly given to Anne of Cleves as part of her divorce from Henry VIII and thus titled Anne of Cleves House as well as many interesting Victorian buildings.

The following season the club entered the FA Vase for the first time, knocking out three clubs from higher divisions, before losing in the third round.

In the summer of the club adopted its current name. In the —14 season the club narrowly missed out on promotion, finishing fourth in Division One. The following season saw the club finish third in Division One, earning promotion to the Premier Division. Relegation was to follow at the end of the season.

The New Croft 3G is a completely separate playing area from the New Croft Haverhill Rovers FC That said it is all part of the same complex and the main administration block, including changing rooms, is shared.

There is though, a completely different refreshment area adjacent to the 3G. A covered seated stand and a smaller covered terraced are situated along one side of the pitch.

There is hardstanding along the full length of the side and limited areas of similar behind one of the goals. However, the opposite side of the pitch and the remainder of the ends are out of bounds to spectators and not navigable.

Haverhill, although a relatively large town for East Anglia, is not blessed with railway links and for a midweek match is not the easiest location to reach by public transport. I was fortunate to be offered a lift to this match. The journey via the M11 and A11 was congestion free and arriving at the ground a couple of hours before the scheduled Haverhill Borough had lost both of their preceding league matches this season, both by the odd goal in five.

It was clear from the outset that the home side had a point to prove as the swiftly set about their business. The opening goal came on two minutes when Matt Staines put the hosts ahead and it was the same player that notched the second with less than four minutes played. Not long afterwards Cameron Watson extended the lead with a powerful header and just before half time it was when Staines completed his hat-trick.

The second period did not produce as many goals but continued to be entertaining. Cornard United will be disappointed with their performance and those early goals pretty much knocked the stuffing out of them. They will have better days. The scoring for Haverhill Borough was completed by Casey Phillips, sweeping home from inside the box and Ryan Swallow on 84 minutes.

Again the roads behaved and I was home at Cheshunt around 11pm. The London Borough of Lewisham was formed in , by the London Government Act , as an amalgamation of the former area of the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham and the Metropolitan Borough of Deptford, which had been created in as divisions of the County of London. Minor boundary changes have occurred since its creation. The most significant amendments were made in , when the former area of the Royal Docks in Deptford was transferred from the London Borough of Greenwich.

The borough is surrounded by the Borough of Greenwich to the east, the London Borough of Bromley to the south and the London Borough of Southwark to the west. To do this, please subscribe here. You will receive a welcome e-mail to validate and confirm your subscription. Thank you for your consideration. Spionage-Apps im Mac App Store: Trend Micro entschuldigt sich.

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