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Local Time: 15 Best American-Made Watches

Shoe Collection Dapper footwear collection featuring everything from sneakers to suede chukka boots. The Deep Blue took three years of work and countless manhours to get it right, but right it is.

Timex Expedition

Seiko 5 Automatic

Fitting the notion of a field watch right down to the olive drab band, the Expedition gives you the date at a glance and the Indiglo hands give you plenty of illumination for a moonless night.

It resists water when submerged up to meters and the mineral glass crystal resists scratches and damage under the worst conditions. A basic mineral crystal keeps the price down while providing a sturdy build. The company that makes the only true Swiss Army knife knows a thing or two about precision engineering and what a soldier will need in the field. Big and brazen, Seiko somehow managed to offer up a large, easily readable display while still cramming chronos into the watch face without making the whole affair feel cluttered.

The numerics are huge with hour markers cutting through the black field, all powered by green solar energy that only needs the barest amount of light to keep ticking away. Swiss made quartz movement and a sapphire crystal make this an unbeatable bargain among watches of any kind.

The name alone sound militaristic, due in no small part to the fact that this watch is based directly off of field watches used by infantry ground-pounders in WWI, back when it was known as The Great War. Meant for coordination and synchronization, it clearly marks time with lockstep exactness yet looks more like a friendly business timepiece made to turn heads.

A true giant at 47mm, the Runwell uses its immense size to great advantage by embedding a single chronometer just down from center and building in massive Super-LumiNova illuminated numbers on a green field that helps make distinguishing exact time easier to do in insubstantial lighting situations. Earning itself a rating of 20 atmospheres, the Mackinaw can easily survive a life on the wrist of any Seal Team member with its sapphire crystal and amphibious rubber band.

Combining the luxurious ideology of Rolex with hardier intentions, the Fulcrum is undoubtedly a working piece, but it has more than a little marrow tying it to true combat timepieces. As such, its Soprod A10 movement and anti-magnetic shielding make it a hard clock to stop, and the beadblasted finish make it a difficult accessory to forget.

The reasons to buy the Model could fill pages. Automatic 21 jewel movement, a Rhodium finish, and that classic pilot look that is ready for the biplane days. What it lacks in flash, it makes up for by being sturdy as hell. Sapphire crystals both front and back keep it safe and protected from vibration or interruption.

The lack of fanfare and ornamentation on the is proof positive of the true strength behind such a simple face. The Deep Blue took three years of work and countless manhours to get it right, but right it is. As a company, Devon seems to have a deep-seated hatred of all things normal. With sapphire glass and the glorious band movement Devon is known for, we say this was worth the trouble. Posted in Style By M.

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Smith & Bradley Springfield Field Watch

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