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The Thunder River Rapids ride at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast allegedly has a dangerous history according to a number of former visitors to the theme park who have come forward in the wake of Tuesday's incident pictured.

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And coming to terms with parents as one gets older. Some of it is very funny - I hope Harrison Ford gets given a copy. But the humour is secondary to a quest for a truth of self acceptance without self indulgence. Some of that Havrilesky family habit of "say it like it is no matter how unpleasant" is retained but it finds some kindness, and is hammered out into wisdom.

I grew up on a different country and in an earlier age, but the time and place of the book were no barrier to embracing the writing and respecting the striving. I loved this author's dry humor. You can really relate to the odd family circumstances as everyone's family has a little strangeness in it. See all 40 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 year ago. AZ Reader Top Contributor: Published on February 12, Published on January 13, Published on July 1, Published on April 11, Vine Customer Review of Free Product.

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ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Some would argue it was a significant factor in why the wheels came off in — those making the horrible investment decisions had not a clue how to model their choices using conditional probability they did straight up simple probabilities … i. I know many here are of the opinion the financial crisis was engineered too.

If you believe that all that has befallen us is simply accidental, then you are ignoring a lot of verifiable facts…including documented statements by the global elite themselves. Also, the law of averages says that at least once in a while, TPTB should do something that works in our favor or to our benefit. I learned long ago things are not binary and you can make some terrible decisions trying to force it to be that way.

I fight my inherent paranoia every day. It gets to be too much. But the odds of someone not understanding statistics on figuring event risk on earthquakes is much grater than some conspiracy to defraud the public so they are unprepared. I also largely attribute the lack of good things out of the government as incompetence too. It seems it would take a lot more good, intelligent people in very short supply working in tandem to accomplish those goals than for the awful stuff they have have actually done.

There is an explanation other than malice or incompetence. The structure of our representative government is set up to fail. The highest priority of members of congress is to get re-elected, which means they are constantly raising funds for their war chest. The lobbyists representing special interests are happy to feed the hungry monster, getting laws passed favorable to their clients, but at the expense of the voting public.

So we have a perfect storm: As much as many people hate George W. Bush, he is on record several times warning about fannie mae and freddy mac, saying that they needed to be audited, that there might be big problems there. Our wonderful dum-o-crats in congress assured everyone that they were sound, right up until they imploded. There should have been hundreds of arrests because of this, but everyone elites just got more rich.

I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.

Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated! That threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government.

One world government is inevitable. Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts to erect an enduring structure of global interdependence.

All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. It is a new world order with significantly different and radically new challenges for the future.

The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet. Perhaps the creators will return and enlighten us and that scares them, but they have a billion or so more reasons to be afraid. Anyway, right now, they are doing everything they can hold things together so the people do not revolt en mass and string them up.

Interesting times await us, and frightful times for those causing the problems, and those aiding and abetting the criminals responsible for it in exchange for the almighty green paper. That my property can be taken by decree. Fined or imprisoned for what I say or fail to comply. In all my cogitative reasoning the only conclusion is that they want to kill us. I have never made this type of comment before.

They control the money and continue to make us destitute by debasement. You should hold them in contempt, because no one obviously taught you a rational thought process. All would be cured by burning down the federal reserve and running them out of the country and returning to lawful money.

Some would turn, some would not. The fact is, the entire system is really too far gone to try to pick and choose. It is self correcting once the money runs out and a new fungible proxy for our labor and creativity is adopted. It is very recent and it is very informative. If you view her videos and still do not get it. Just watched a bit of doomsday preppers again.

Someone was preparing for the yellowstone eruption. Am I wrong to prep? I still plan on prepping, I have a 3 month supply, along with medical, batteries, and a radio. Next will be an item to cook on if the electric goes out. Still keeping on, keeping on. Who as a group prepares and urges preparation, religiuosly?? Thats right, the Mormons. What we should do, is elect a Mor………eh… forget it. There own membership surveys show over half of them do not have the recommended amount of food storage.

They may talk the talk, but the follow through is lacking. Once again, people who open their mouths without knowing. Plus, if the Mormon standard is a year of supplies for everyone in the family, the portion of allegedly unprepared may have half a year or 3 months of supplies…. Not to mention that the Mormons have large communal warehouses.

I would bet most Mormons come through alot better than the rest of the mopes that now make up the US population. My money is on the Amish as not even noticing when things go to hell. You really want to know what group in the US are the best prepared for anything and everything? The only group to still manage to survive this day and age without electricity and phones.

Want to learn to prep properly, spend saom time with the Amish in PA, I have…. The Amish are peaceful people…. I shudder to think what will become of them if the shtf and the hoard descends upon them….. If you can swing it, get a wood stove or wood burner. Good for heat and you can cook on it. Get some cast iron cookware. Works best on a wood burner and easier to clean. Even if you can fin a solid piece of cast iron sink or something and flip it upside down to put wood under and still can put the pans on top to cook out of a skillet or a quart pan or something.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to have someone come in and drill a hole to hit the water line and put one of those old handles that you pull out and water comes out? Water line is only a feet or so where im at. The Coleman camping stuff is designed to attach to the 1 pound gas bottles. You only pay for what they put in the tank.

Find a local Farmers Coop. Most likely in your nearest small town. They fill the big propane tanks and will be happy to fill 20 lbs tanks and larger. If you have the room get a gallon tank. Plus they charge so much it is cheaper to get an exchange where at least the valve has been inspected. Or maybe our trading partners will go into recession, or our governments bond rating will get downgraded. Know what all those events have in common?

My mother was also born during the depression and was too young to remember it. She members hearing stories about it, but since she does not remember doing without during the worst economic period in history thus far it appears she is unconcerned.

Fortunately, I grew up close to my grandparents who do remember it and lived a frugal and independent lifestyle. What are the best places, in your opinion, in WV to set up a retreat? I hope you see this. If you do, shoot me an email to gaiwan17 gmail. Even the New York City area had farms. Also make sure to hit the yard sales and garage sales, I have bought many camping stoves and lanterns very cheap. Also find some really good prices on old cast iron pots and pans.

Emily you nee to check into rocket stoves,,,i have built over 50 uses twigs small limbs for fuel,,they cook very well,,there are tons of different ways to construct them,,,. Hi Emily — you can make or buy a solar oven. They are easy to use and will save your other cooking fuel for rainy days. They are based on sunlight, not on outside temp. The key to these is the right pans. The graniteware camping ones are dirt cheap and work great. Solar ovens can also be used for dehydrating and pasteurising water.

Consider the SunOven as one of your means of cooking. It may be hard to save your preps from hungry kids, but most young adults are healthy and you can work together. Those living out of state are going to be screwed, trying to get help will be none and trying to drive home with gridlock and breakdown will be hard on you guys in certain situations. My advise is have a case of gatorade and easily high calorie food product thats small in size that you can backpack and take with you.

Make sure you have a full tank of gas and a extra gallons in trunk to get out of a certain area. Each area and where your at can differ bigtime. If you can have a gun which I dont think you can but try to have one, but dont get into trouble or tell anyone you have it in anyway.

Never tell ever not even roomate. And if you think it will get you expelled dont get a gun. If you have a bad roomate across from you, put a quick push of superglue into his doorlock and he will never be able to get a key in it.

Only do this if someone is a complete dick to you. A key will never go in again. Quit college and go get a job. Start a lawn service, wash windows, flip burgers.

Do it with the intent of owning the joint someday. If your unemployeed with no debt, your ahead! I feel like a dirtbag giving this advise, but I believe it is the best course, today.

I figured if they only have a bit of time left why not have some fun with a die hard obama lover. It pays to have a girlfriend with a car on campus.

Preferably one who also comes from a family of means where the parents like you. Jason- if you can swing an inexpensive storage unit,that might work. If you plan on storing food, invest in rubbermaid to ward off the elements moisture,pests,etc. And of course a BOB. Find somewhere SAFE off campus. This could even be a friend of your parents who has a farm and would appreciate an extra pair of hard working hands for a while if your own family home is too far.

Get this arrangement set up NOW. A second hand bicycle, think of the one used in the postman movie and go for an old model at a thrift store made of steel rather than a posh carbonate modern model. Ensure it has standard size wheels for ease of parts and future repairs. A tent, this time of year the camping shops have their sales.

A double lined pop up one with intergral ground sheet will do. It just has to be small and light enough to get you where you need to go. You key skill is going to be to improve your sense of situational awareness in order to give yourself plenty of time to get the hell out of there if things go bad. My reasoning for the tent and the bicycle should be obvious to those who have been following the fuel shortages. In an ideal world you can drive to your preagreed safe zone, but a bike will let you dodge the traffic and go cross country, away from violent crowds, main roads etc etc.

If you can, cache a weapon enroute to your preagreed safe spot. You may one day be really grateful for that dug up Glock. This is something I need to talk to my grandson about real soon, as he is at college approx.

Hopefully, he can get a bus or train home!! Other than that, make sure you have a case or 2 of drinking water…. Take care and good luck, CC. They taste like a shortbread cookie and are really not bad. Also some broth and an instant hot beverage if you live in colder climates. There is a list at http: I will not repeat the good ideas already posted, but only comment that one of the best things you can do is get plugged in to a good church away from campus.

If you have a car you might event want to drive to a country church. There are plenty of prepared people in churches of many faiths who would love to have you as part of their extended family. You get to spend time with people away from campus now and a place to go later. Once you get to know some people, you can ask them about storing extra food and fuel there. Maybe even a firearm. What could possiblygo wrong, go wrong go. Even if you think the gov will be there to take care of you…what does it hurt to at a minimum have 3 days emergency food and water.

Then looking at what is happening from Sandy you have to think maybe 7 days preps would be smarter. So here in Californistan we have a major earthquake…well maybe I need 14 days of supplies…food, water and other supplies. I think months preps is the bare minimum that any intelligent person should have if they are paying attention to whats happening in the world today. Sorry fact is that, except for that sensationalist TV show, prepping is totally out of the mainstream media.

People post on this site all the time. I believe for the most part everyone is prepping and praying for what ever the outcome. I am grateful there are still Americans out there preparing. Who will stand together as one when the time comes. The more you handle your buisness, the more it stays your buisness. If you are secure, have water, food and hygiene items or even septic tank, why should you be bothered.

I keep at least a months worth of food, and a large portion can be cooked in a solar oven or over a kerosene heater depending on the season in question. Not bec,oming a refugee sounds much better than joining the soup lines, and sleeping on a cot behind barbed wire. Make your home liveable, and pitch a dome tent in the livingroom, it will warm up quickly, and not be as hard to heat, or secure afterdark.

Not prepping sounds a lot like not planning, and still results in planning to fail. All good questions, nothing more than I ask myself every day. People just dont want to hear it. I had a very good friend of mine the other day ask me to please not talk bad about the prez anymore. She accused me of being part of the problem in this country.

Pretty much told me that if I didnt like it, to leave the country. I dont think we will be friends anymore after the 15 minute lecture I gave her about how I am a patriot and that I fought for our country, about how bad the prez she was defending was screwing our country up she didnt like it when I started giving her cold hard facts about our country she couldnt deny , and how I would not support anyone who tried to take away my rights given to me by God and the constitution. When I got home, I emailed her a bunch of links for sources to back up my opinions.

I bet she doesnt look at them. I do wonder how long they can keep up the juggling act though. I, too, have a friend who happens to be uber liberal. On balance, we both choose to put our friendship above politics. But at times it has been ugly. But this is fact. My buddy is sooo exited about free Government health care. Thus you are being reduced from human beings to economic units… once this is seen, by even the liberal idiots, minds will begin to wake up.

Then there will be concierge for the rich, and standing in line for the rest of you. In the health care industry gave the largest amout of money to Obama, followed by Hillary, and McCain Denver Post. They are all in bed with the insurance companies and will make sure that everyone buys insurance with a few provisos. Never underestimate the power of darkness…The Dark man giveth and taketh away.

No man knows the future, but the trends and the liar in chief speaks volumes, which could go several different ways… all lead to single payer… while appearances are kept up. As we have said, these people play chess while the rest of us are still playing checkers. They will feel the knife in their backs, as the Beast takes control over the forces of corporations. The idea being to turn the people into serfs working on the company plantation for the company store.

What used to be, will be again. We are to pay for the murder of the unborn, and the free fornication of the hedonists? This government is now AntiGod, and thus it must die. You can only win an economic war, by economic means. Money is the key to everything, and understanding where its value comes from is the most important thing.

People like this president is a complete piece of shit who lies and lies more. Obama is 2 faced and a worthless divider of races. We are not a country of deadbeats and give-me types. WTF You cant have more than 10 rounds for that gun. Tell your friend to check in with you four years from now and let you know if she feels the same way, that is if she is still alive. How does one defend a monster who plays basketball while people are freezing and trying to survive after Sandy.

Impeach him now before it is too late for us all. I give a rabid dog more respect than him. Yea, be respectful to the guy who robbed your kids of a future, are you kidding me? Sounds like a bad movie but it is real. And sooner rather than later. Thanks, Mac, for an excellent resource. Why Hell No, the gov. They will have the media make it appear as though they are, if it fits their political or monetary wants and needs.

You are pretty much on your own when a disaster,clamity, or collapse happens. When the going gets tough, they throw compassion and understanding right out the window. The Patriot Nurse on Youtube had a great video about the different sides to prepping for men and women. It works a whole lot better when everyone is bringing their thing to the table.

The author really thought things through. On the down side, it will depress you. I have had friends tell me they would rather not know. Which confirms that many choose to keep their head in the sand , for sanity. And I can understand that.

Slightly off-topic, but not really. All I could think was, your late, the movie Idiocracy explained this theory perfectly. A really good read for those who plan to shelter in place during a crisis and extremely believable and eye-opening scenarios we would face in such an event.

We are definitely headed that direction! However after reading One second after all the rest have been a real let down, It took me 2 evenings to read it. It took me 2 weeks to read Patriots. And almost a month to read Enemies foreign and domestic after I finished it I throw it in the trash. I also purchased Bio water filter bottles and a filter that treats raw water.

More and more radio talk show host and I mean the big ones in the business are admitting we are headed for a collapse. Thanx in advance, and take care.. I bought them from Seychelle Environmental http: They have portable water bottles that can turn raw water into drinkable water. God I hope I never have to use those filters. The AquaRain filters can be cleaned and reused. According to reviews with the specs, the AquaRain filters are better than the Berkey.

My Big Berkey just arrived yesterday — they have free shipping right now, which takes a big chunk off the price. I also got 2 of their hiking bottles to put in the BOBs. Good guy to work with when I called with a question. We have a Berkey system. Whatever you choose make sure you review the specs. Big Berkey is the benchmark, but most people globally cannot afford stainless steel.

I got 1 of those kits as well and for backup I got 3 more of the filters from Amazon two of which are the candle style filter. You can put 2 of those in the same bucket to speed up the process.

The solution to this problem is a swimming pool, the one I picked up holds gal. I also set up a rain barrel harvesting system in my garden with a drip system. Needless to say it has worked out like a champ, I still have broc,cauliflower spinach,brussel sprouts and lettuce growing.

All on the edge of the city limits. My garden has been a trial and error thing so far. But if have learned alot. When you get ready I have alot of plans for the hoop houses as well as some dirt cheap green house plans. BTW sorry have not been in touch for awhile, this last log cabin has been kicking my a— but it is almost done.

You to can have a hell of a bug out site for , bucks.. We purchased a big Berkey filter with both the standard filters and the fluoride filters. Seems to work very well. First of all Sandy was not a category 1 storm pressure wise, it was a category 4 at This misconception is dangerous and did not allow people to see what was really coming. I warned RICH about this and everybody else that the pressure was horribly low and the storm surge was going to be a lot worse than what the mass media was reporting as ONLY a Category 1 storm.

How does this affect a disaster? People ho hum the whole notion of what is coming. Accuracy with descriptions of disasters is paramount. Too often the mass media skews the truth is one direction or the other. When I talk about the size of the Cascadia fault earthquake size or the Caribbean or San Andreas I give the most exact size of what it is actually going to be.

No exaggeration of this, and no downplaying of it. After Sandy there will be a small increase of people preparing as they have seen what has happened and how worthless fema did not do much good. Unless there is another disaster within a few weeks, most people will lose that desire to prepare, after all the Holiday Christmas Junk rush will soon be on with Thanksgiving next week.

But the fancy wrapping and the joyous rush to the Christmas tree was all worth it. You wonder why some people are not in cages at the zoo. Right now the tectonic plates are going crazy, more different places are hit each day, and this shows a really big earthquake coming, likely in the dead areas where there has not been many or any earthquakes.

The Middle East is a total mess, and yes WW3 can start so quickly without any warning, that it would shock people. The signs are there, especially with the crust that someone is going to get nailed hard, very likely it will be the Caribbean and or the Cascadia, but the New Madrid and San Andreas could soon follow.

It really is not convincing most of the good people on this site that already know how important it is to prepare. It is trying to make those that still have their heads buried in the sand at the beach totally unaware of the tsunami coming towards them. It usually takes an event to scare people enough to jar them loose from the notion that the government is going to save them, for that event to happen on a widescale it will already be too late for the masses.

This is why each one of us must continue to prepare and not lose that urgency for one minute because of any positive signs of whatever to know that what you have sacrficed much for will make your chances of survival many magnitudes better than all those that did not. Its on everyday and on late nite joke shows. We close on our house this weekend and I will be going to grocery store and spending about a grand on food.

Not rich or anything but going to prep the food side. I got the weapons and ammo up the tee but food is number one thing getting. God bless you all. It will be hard to turn away friends her friends when times get tough. I just do it and she doenst care that i do. She will thank me very soon. I told her that if something happens the other day and we have to turn away your friends babe, we cant feed them. She didnt say anything but i hope she understands im being dead serious.

I dont want to kill anyone but I will if it comes down to them trying to loot. It is infurating the utter deception that goes on, you have to be cynical and really search out the truth to find out what is really happening. The masses go along with what they hear without seeing if there is actual truth behind it.

I just sent another comment on how deception with the odds of a disaster occurring and a comparison that people can use to see just how inaccurate the numbers that we get all the time. Skewed and slanted for a hidden agenda. Then sit back with a cold one and a sack of tasty treats and watch the fun. After all, the banksters required you to have insurance on your mortgaged real estate.

Thanks to all of you for your collective wisdom. I share this site with my neighbors and friends who seem open-minded. There is not that much kinetic energy behind even if 30 miles of island fell into the sea. The mass of island is not moving that fast, it is the velocity squared that shows how much energy there is behind an object like this. An asteroid moving at 11 miles per second would be a fraction the size of the island, but have the same amount of kinetic energy behind it.

Around the African coast you could have a tsunami of feet, but miles away the tsunami would hit the coastline at inches high. Drop a big rock into a pond and see the large splash and then the tiny ripples across the pond from it. The real concern is the caribbean plate that has a mega thrust slightly smaller than the mega thrust in Japan that had a 9.

WHEN the Caribbean plate, the eastern section of it goes, it could send a foot tsunami on to the southeastern U. Has happened before, and many people have mistaken the tsunami evidence of the past from the Caribbean plate breaking as previous collapse of the Canary Islands region. Thanks for the clarification, Be informed, and I did a little surfing on the Net. Now, can you come up with a comforting scenario for those of us in the path of Cascadia?

As you can see from this article you linked that science and math works well to describe actual events. This is why these.. When I say something you can be sure that I am attempting to tell the truth to the best of my ability. Now for the truth about the Cascadia. For every 2 miles of fault break, you usually have about 1 second of shaking.

It is assumed that about miles of the fault will break, so you can expect seconds of shaking WHEN it breaks. Take an egg timer and see just how long 5 minutes is, it is hell. The duration of an earthquake is what is really going to bring down buildings more so than the shaking itself much away from a fault. The further you are away the better of course. The epicenter they talk about is where underground that the earthquake starts. The hypocenter is where the earthquake waves hit the surface.

The shape of the fault will also direct the point at which the energy hits the surface. Like breaking waves at a beach many homes have been spared because the waves literally bypassed their homes to some degree, while other homes suffered massive destruction. You can add some degree of safety to the foundation of your home. Wood as you can see the way trees sway a lot in wind have the ability to bend some without breaking. The real areas to guard against are the 45 and 90 degree connection points of these wooden beams through the home.

By securing these weak points with good quality brackening, this points are less likely to come apart. There is always a danger of what is called liquidification in which the sand, soil loses its ability to form a firm surface.

This happens when the soil is wet and saturated especially around water sources such as bays and rivers. This happened in the New Madrid where the energy was so violent that the ground actually formed what is called sand spits, in which the water was compressed in the sand and forced up like a sponge.

A type of quicksand can develop and can swallow people and objects which happened in Portugal in People were swallowed and some up to their necks and when the shaking stopped the sand became firm and trapped them. While this could be myth, urban legion, people were eaten alive by hungry dogs while partially entombed in sand.

Liquidification was a huge problem after the World Series earthquake in san francisco in with many homes. The Cascadia fault right now I believe has at least 8.

This means the longer it fails to break shows me that the more energy is bottled up there. There are other faults in the world capable of high 9 range, one of them I think is the Philippine plate and of course in the Kuril Islands and eastern Russia region.

How big can the tsunami be? Well using previous tsunamis it could reach feet as in Japan I think it reached 78 feet in some sopts. Those concerned about their area, someone can take the tidal charts for their area and see if they are average with other places or higher or lower than average to determine what will happen in regards to sea water rushing in. It allowed me to look deeper into the idea of sex being something separate from love and the more I thought about it that way, the more I gave myself permission to really go for my fantasies and my desires.

My cuck will have my heart and black men will have my body. He can feel assured that this kind of relationship dynamic is exactly suited to me and that I need and want him just as much as I need and want BBC. So here is the link to listen: The second podcast episode is a conversation about dating in this lifestyle and in particular tips and advice for single cucks who are hoping to find a woman to share this unique relationship dynamic with.

Rest assured your information provided will be kept private and confidential. Please note we will only contact those of you who we feel make a great match for what we are looking for. Both of these are legitimate fears and I can totally understand why these would be a major area of concern but when it comes to the need for discretion and privacy, I have a few things to say about that. I want cucks to stop worrying so much about people finding out. I totally get it — no one wants to go through that however I think the reality is actually much different from the fear.

Why would I be ashamed of that? Yeah I understand that but really I think women get the brunt of the judgment from ignorant people. Just go on Tinder and see how many people are open about it on their profiles. Is that really so bad? Is that really so scary? I think by hiding in the cuck closet with the door firmly locked, we are making things worse. Baby steps and we will get there…. I have no other way of saying it — he turns me on so much I almost lose my mind.

We have some unique chemistry. He knows me so well. He has the perfect balance of respecting me but still pushes my boundaries in a way that makes me feel comfortable with it. That kind of trust is not easy to find. I definitely want him to be one of the 5 on my wedding night. He has this deep voice and he has that smooth confidence and style that makes me wet with just a few words. The things we talk about….

His big black dick gives me this deep overwhelming feeling that just takes over my whole body. What was I talking about again? On the way back from the airport he bent me over the back of his car in the parking lot. He lays me back, slides that big dick down my throat as my eyes water,my mascara runs, and I take it. I take it all. And I love it. So now I count down the days until our next encounter.

Now what to wear…. I need some new lingerie…. To answer the obvious questions: First I want to say a very sincere thank you to the many people who sent me messages of encouragement, understanding, and support. At first I thought maybe this person was a little intelligent by the way he sent me a fake email which was fishing for my personal information he was successful in getting my google number but after that the smarts ended and the stupid became obvious.

Since then he has texted me trying to pretend he is someone I met last summer. I smelled bullshit right away, laughed at him, and promptly told him to go fuck himself. This last one was especially hilarious and I nearly died laughing before hanging up.

Another peculiar thing that has happened recently is the interest from some of my black guys. So while I may not be writing about cuckolding as much as I did in the past, one of my friends said to me today I can always write about my Queen of Spades adventures because that always continues for me. The last three years in this lifestyle have been intense and beautiful and also disappointing. This kind of relationship has the potential to be everything you can imagine it would be, I just wish you more luck than I have had and please beware of the the liars and manipulators out there.

Findommes are a real pain in my ass. Thanks to the internet all of us are searching online for our soulmates in the cuck lifestyle and this can be a tricky and sometimes very shady place. There are online profiles which are fake or misleading soooo many and some people who lure you into trusting them so that they can extort you or blackmail you. Some are upfront about it, claiming to be into financial domination and looking for paypigs guys who feel submissive by giving money to greedy women , and other women are sneaky bitches about it by lying and manipulating men into giving them money.

Women are literally making a living off of these men and they are everywhere online. For the record I am not one of these gold digging bitches. Yes I do love to be treated well but I want my man to treat me that way because he genuinely wants to and not because I demand it from him. I would take offense to be labelled as a findomme as this is so far from who I actually am and anyone who says it about me simply does not know me at all.

You can trust me on that. A few years ago when I was introduced to cuckolding by a new boyfriend I was lucky enough to not have watched any cuck porn prior to that. I say lucky because I think the vast majority of cuck porn out there is fucking garbage. It got me wondering though…why is cuck porn so awful? Why have porn companies done such a bad job with this one category? Sure you can have the husband watching his wife get pounded by another man, but how boring is that for the viewer?

I think the realness of the scene is appreciated by the viewers but still is missing something in the translation to the person watching who is trying to imagine being there, a part of it.

Then there are the cuckolding memes that dominate Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and all sorts of other places. Here are a few little tips and wise words of advice for you to learn how to approach me and how to behave around me.

Of course this is a continuation to my expectations in How to catch a Goddess so definitely take notes on that one too. What do your friends think about you being a cuckoldress? What kinds of things do you make your cuck do?

What is it about cuckolding that makes you like it? How did you get into cuckolding? How public do you want your lifestyle?

Do you want to marry your cuck? Do you want your cuck to participate sexually with you and your bull? Are you into forced bi or ass play for your cuck? What was the reaction of the tattoo artist when you got your queen of spades tattoo? How long ago did you get into black guys? Do you like BBC bareback and do you want to get pregnant? Is there such a thing as too big? I want to get married on a white sand beach somewhere overlooking crystal clear waters. I see myself on my knees, my ring sparkling on my finger, my hair perfectly styled and my makeup on point, and my pretty white dress contrasting sharply with the smooth beautiful black skin surrounding me.

The photographer in the background making sure every incredible moment is expertly documented for me. I want a comparison photo of his unfortunate white dick next to a huge black cock — god I love those photos!

Then hubby goes back to sitting in the corner to watch. My mascara runs down my cheeks, my blonde hair falls out of place, my dress eventually ends up in a messy pile on the floor. The photographer captures all of it. I look over at my husband sitting there, watching me, loving it.

I am in heaven and he is right there with me. This is undoubtedly going to be the best day of my life and I will want a repeat every anniversary after that! I basically understood nothing about what its purpose was. This seemingly effortless transition got me wondering…. Do women become more selfish and cruel and therefore the men become more submissive and eager to please? I think that for women who were born for this kind of relationship, they enjoy the attention, sexual superiority and empowerment that this lifestyle gives them.

It gives her permission to set the bar high and insist that he exceed it for her. And for men who are hardwired to be a cuck, the trust and commitment in this kind of relationship allows them to feel safe to submit to her and to want to live their own sex life strictly through hers. I have been one of the lucky ones who has had lots of opportunities. About 10 years ago I began reading Savage Love by Dan Savage — a sex advice column in the Georgia Straight, a newspaper here in Vancouver — and it opened my eyes to other kinds of relationship dynamics.

Right around the same time I happened to stumble upon a swingers website and found myself chatting with some people in the chat room. I found everyone to be friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental. It was the perfect environment for me to learn more about non-monogamy. Next I met up with some couples and single ladies here in Vancouver and then started going to sex clubs and private events.

It was these opportunities that gave me the perfect safe environment for me to explore my own sexuality and it gave me confidence, empowerment, and a sense of being comfortable in my skin, more than ever before.


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