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How does 19th C. Performance Practice differ from that of today? How has the pitch standard evolved? What computer software is available for musicians?

What are Straubinger pads? How can I find a flute teacher? How should trills be executed? What does the C trill key do? Is it a good idea to practice with a tuner? What are Whistle Tones?

Will braces affect my playing? What do you do on bad playing days? How do you adjust the screw thing on the headjoint? How can I improve my high notes? Do masterclasses have any real value? Are performance exams fair and of any value? How high should the music stand be when playing? Are there national schools of tone quality?

Should one practice standing up or sitting? When is it legal to copy music in the Public Domain? What is the Split-E option? The old brewery has been demolished. However, Markus Bräu is reported to have closed in Their beers can be bought from source on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Already hard to do with its one Sunday a month opening, the Poppel-Mühle in Poppeltal has become even more of a challenge as it now opens only for parties.

West of Konstanz, the island of Reichenau in the Ubersee has had a brewery since Reichenau Inselbier doesn't have a tap but there are ten outlets stocking the beer. Does anyone know if Schwarzes Lamm in Rottweil brews? They have a house beer, at least. It's unclear where his Eagle Ales are made but given the miniscule quantity produced I don't think he'd qualify as commercial. Edelbrauerei Pohl in Schopfloch apparently closed during Zum Hirschwirt in Sulzbach closed a couple of years ago.

Freistil is a beer shop in Tübingen with a nanobrewery. A new brewery was installed and so they resumed brewing after ten years of receiving their beer from the Neu-Ulm branch. Like the Poppel-Mühle see above , meier in Wehr-Enkendorf now only opens for parties. The tiny Freybier in Winden closed during Zizishausen, near Nürtingen, has a microbrewpub. Bierwerk Gerstenfux opens on the first and third Saturday of each month. Seefranzl Bräu in Arget closed a week before Christmas due to ill heath.

Philip Widmann has set-up a nanobrewery in Augsburg. Erlkönig in Bamberg is now known as Kronprinz. There is a small brewery in Bayreuth University used by the student brewing club. Campusbräu beers have made it into the wider world but I'm not sure it can currently be classed as commercial. Technically in Nürnberg, I'm listing the new Orca Brau under Boxdorf as it's in an industrial estate in that district, close to the Fürth district of Bislohe.

It's so far from central Nürnberg that you can walk there from Vach station in half an hour Nürnberg Hbf is 10km away. The brewing equipment was formerly at Heidenpeters in Berlin. Brewing on a very small scale since is Rosenzwickl in Dirnismaning, a village close to the Allianz Arena. The people who run it also own the adjacent Ines' Beer Store. The tap is certainly open but I can find no mention of the brewery. If you've been paying attention you may remember Heufeldmühle near Bruckmühl briefly had a brewery a decade or so ago.

Well, it's go one again. Andreas Lichtmannecker has set-up a nanobrewery in his mother's laundry room. Mangfallbräu 's annual output is currently c. Schneble Bräu in Hirschzell last brewed c. One place that I've overlooked thus far is Starnberger Brauhaus in Höhenrain, officially part of Berg but closer to Wolfratshausen. Some 2 million Euro has been thrown at the project and it has the potential to brew around 15,hl a year.

Two beers are made, Hell and Spezial. In case anyone comes across it there's a homebrewing club in Langenzehn that may superficially appear to be a little more than that.

Lahma Bräu does hold occasional festivals but is not commercial. Kulterstadel in Lauterhofen is now home to Brauwerkstatt Lauterachquelle. Brauerei Mainstockeim opened in September and on Saturday opened their new, larger premises. There's no tap but the beers can be bought from source on Saturdays from Rosenauer Hofbräu has been active in Marktgraitz since The Mühlfelder Brauhaus closed early last year.

It seems Nikolaus Starkmeth's interest in Kraft-Bier quickly waned. In October it was acquired by Thomas Girg and although officially officially called Münchner Girgbräu, it trades as Haderner Bräu. All beers are organic. The Hacker Pschorr Bräuhaus closed in the autumn. Around m south-east of München Hauptbahnhof is Schiller-Bräu , attached to the new mk hotel. It opened in June last year. Trained brewer Werner Schuegraf was hobby brewing on a decent scale at his home in Neuried but has now gone full-time with Hopfenhäcker in the Haidhausen district of München.

It's unclear where they were brewed or if this is a one-off so I won't list them until more information comes to light. Also Nürnberg-based, Bierwerk has a small brewery in a former pigsty outside the city that's used for experimental and one-off brews. The majority of their beer is made at Dreykorn in Lauf. Can anyone tell me exactly where their own plant is?

I suspect it's close to Lauf. The beers are available at a number of outlets including their own tap, the Charakterbierbar in central Nürnberg. Yet more Nürnberg news. Z-Bau , a building in the south of the city housing a number of small businesses, has a microbrewery. Seven friends started Z-Bräu and treat it almost as a hobby but the brewery is also used more by Roth resident Christian Honig for his Honig Bräu. He makes draught beers there but his bottled stuff comes from Hufeisen in Pottenstein.

The Kleines Brauhaus am Kloster in Ottobeuren has closed. Vilstaler Stein-Bräu in Pöcking closed as planned on 17th September Another small start-up is Kellerbrauerei Prittlbach , unsurprisingly located in the cellar of owner-brewer Dieter Scholz's house in Prittlbach. Hebertshausen S-Bahn station is a 15 minute walk away.

Fürstliches Brauhaus in Regensburg is now known as Brauhaus am Schloss. Borderline commercial is Kommunbräu Rehau. Founded by nine locals in , brewing began in late in the building that once housed Ludwigsbrauerei closed They brew on the second Saturday of each month when all are welcome to visit and help out. The sole beer can be bought on these days and at various festivals through the year.

Sadly, Brauerei Weber in Röbersdorf has stopped brewing following the death of owner and brewer Friedrich Weber. It is believed the tap will remain open selling beer from Rittmayer in Hallerndorf. They currently make a dunkel and a bock. One to keep an eye on is the new Forschungsbrauerei in St. As the name suggests it's a research brewery and is brews for others on an experimental rather than commercial basis.

As such, it doesn't currently brew for the open market but then neither did the one in München initially The Ammerseer Brauhaus in Stegen closed last year. Ferschl Bräu has been active in Stulln since Zum Unterwirt in Türkenfeld has been home to the tiny Hartl's Hausbrauerei for a couple of years. Berliner Berg Brauerei didn't actually start brewing themselves until 22nd January this year.

They now make sour and special beers in their own brewery but standard beers are believed to be made by Schlossbrauerei Hohenthann. Bogk Bier no longer makes beer and I'm not entirely sure where it was made last.

The closely-associated Schneeule get their wort from Bierfabrik in Marzahn and then transport it to Tegel where brettamonyces and lactobacillus are added before bottling. There is no brewery in Pankow. BRLO opened their own brewery and tap in October It's housed in 38 converted shipping containers next to Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station.

A new brewery has opened next to the Havel in Spandau. CraftZentrum has been set-up with the sole intention of providing somewhere cuckoo and other brewers can get their beers made and bottled.

There is some doubt about how commercial Heldenblut is with mention they only brew for large events and are in the process of moving.

They own this second brewery and it's used by several of the Berlin cuckoos. The brewery there now makes much of the beer for the chain with the original Lemke under the arches rebranded Brauhaus Lemke am Hackeschen Markt and only brewing specials. They've also now installed a bottling plant nearby. Yet another brewpub for Berlin, this time in Neukölln.

Although they brew their own draught beers, Brauhaus Neulich has the bottled Summer Ale made in Hartmannsdorf. Jörg Adler started Quartier-Bier in the far north-east of the city last year.

He brews on a 1hl system and currently opens from Some beer is made at Brewbaker. The new location also has a tap and the original location remains open, too.

Also on the move is Two Fellas , which relocated a couple of miles north-east to Pankow. They now have their own tap on site but it seems may only brewing test batches themselves. Information would be welcome. Remarkably, a second brewery has opened in Boizenburg and right opposite the first. Braumanufaktur Marstall Boitzenburg supplies several outlets including the on site coffee house. Having brewed elsewhere for a couple of years, the people behind Labieratorium opened their own brewery in Cottbus last summer.

Brewing very occassionally is the Historische Braumanufaktur von at Erlerbnispark Paaren. Don't expect to find the beer on a casual visit. The old fire station in Schmerzke near Brandenburg has been converted into a brewery with a small tap. Hebenbräu opened on 7th November. Just over the border from Berlin is Woltersdorf where the SchleusenBrauerei opened in Grebhan's have opened a tap in the Fesenfeld district called Two Beers. The brewery itself moved out of the Schnoor in to much larger premises north of the A Another brewpub opened in Hamburg during Alles Elbe is in the St.

Bunthaus is a tiny new brewery in the Wilhelmsburg district. The brewery itself is on the spit of land where the Elbe splits and they have a tap about for miles away on the edge of the Rathauspark. Circle 8 is a microbrewery in Alsterdorf, out towards the airport. As you may guess from the name, Birrificio Shanghait is run by two Italians and two Spaniards. They started brewing in in a room at the Jimmy Elsass restaurant in Eimsbüttel but have recently opened their own bar in Harburg and it's expected the brewing kit will move there before too long.

ÜberQuell is on the St. Pauli waterfront, near the U-boat museum. They make the draught beer here but bottled beers come from Schnitzlbaumer in far away Traunstein.

Friedrich Carl Richard Matthies has been brewing his Wildwuchs Brauwerk beers in Bleckede since but should soon have his own brewery in Wilhelmsberg. Bensheim is home to Der Amerikanische Freund , a beer bar run by a Canadian and American that has a small brewery.

Braunshardt near Weiterstadt has had a tiny brewery since It seems certain Hausbrauerei Heuschkel in Fellingshausen last brewed in Weingut Werk2 in Geisenheim has started brewing beers on a very small scale. They use wine yeasts and bottles. After a two year absence commercial brewing resumed in Kassel during , albeit on a small scale. Bramanufaktur Steckenpferd is close to the university. A brewpub opened on the Mönchhof industrial estate south-west of Kelsterbach last summer.

Elisabeth Bräu in Marburg has closed. Faselbräu started brewing in Mörfelden during January although they made some beer elsewhere in time for the Maizer Craftbier Messe in November. Münster, a village near Selters, has had a brewery for a couple of years. Laubus Bier is made and sold at Petrimühle. Schopfen-Bräu in Neckarsteinach appears to have closed in Extra in Röhrigshof stopped brewing in A small brewery has been installed at Schloss Romrod.

The beers are produced under the Atelier der Braukünste name. Rüsselsheimer Bräu opened in Rüsselsheim during October. Like Schiller-Bräu in München, it's a brewpub attached to an mk hotel. The two friend brew around five hectolitres of beer each Saturday. The Fischland Brauerei opened around this time last year at the Räuscherhaus in Althagen, near Ahrenshoop.

December saw the first beers were brewed at the new Braumanufaktur Ludwigslust. It's located in the orangery at the rather grand Schloss Ludwigslust.

Brauhaus zu Wallenstein in Neubrandenburg is now know as Wallensteinkeller. Hausbrauerei Reinecke in Bad Münder has closed. It seems there may be a brewery in Barnstedt. Beers have appeared under the Barnstedter and Barnstedter Brau Kunst names, with Rittergut Barnstedt the favourite for the location, assuming these aren't brewed under contract. Any information would be welcome. The Bennexer Brauhaus in Bennigsen closed a couple of years ago. It reopened in September but no longer brews.

The National Jürgen Brauerei opened in Braunschweig last year. Brauerei Burgdorf has opened in a former butchers in Burgdorf, near Hannover.

A number of outlets stock the beer. Just big enough to qualify but still run as a hobby is the Häsefelder Brauerei in Daverden, near Langwedel. Martin Mittnacht usually opens for sale on Thursday evenigs and Saturday afternoon but it's advisable to call first.

He doesn't charge a deposit on bottles but trusts they will be returned - I suggest you turn up with some empties. The Paul-Lincke-Treff in Hahnenklee stopped brewing around seven years ago.

They now sell Krombacher. The Herrenhäuser tap in Hannover is now a betting shop. Diekster Bräu in Norddeich closed around the end of Osnabrück has a nanobrewery in Brauerei Beura. It's located in a cellar between the Hauptbahnhof and old town.

Gutshof Rethmar in Rethmar, near Sehnde, has had a brewery since CM Keller Bräu has been active in Rössing since Does anyone have any information regarding Sudhaus Schwülper?

The website and blog detail progress towards opening but there appears to have been no update in almost two years and little information on the internet. Schaumburger in Stadthagen closed two years ago after a second bout of insolvency.

Some of the beers are still made elsewhere for a company called Schaumburger Bier , based in Nienstädt, a couple of miles from the old brewery. Pibe's Brauerei can be found in the hamlet of Sülbeck, 10km east of Lüneberg. Denver Künzer has opened a nanobrewery in a back room of his Teehaus in Wolfenbüttel. Also in Wolfenbüttel and equally small is the Mad Dukes Brewery. It's fair to say Wolfenbüttel has experienced a brewing revival.

Stebner started during in a garage in Sickte, north-east of Wolfenbüttel. In they moved to larger premises on the edge of Wolfenbüttel's old town, opening Braubar at the same time.

A second outlet is expected to open in Braunschweig later this year. The Altenrüthener Hausbrauerei has changed hands and name to Altenrüthener Landbierbrauerei. The tap has shut and it now works along the lines of a microbrewery. The Altes Forsthaus in Bad Fredeburg has closed. Brewing on a scale not far removed from the average home brewer, Kaiser Craft opened last year in Bünde. Braugemeinschaft Edertal moved m to a purpose-built building in The attached pub opens semi-regularly on Saturday evenings from I've long suspected Wolfsbier in Durchholz had closed and it seems it did so back in Düsseldorf has a nanobrewery next to the railway line between the Hauptbahnhof and Bilk.

Biermanufaktur Sarton opens occasionally for direct sales and there are a couple of outlets listed on their website. Also in Düsseldorf is something a bit different. It's unclear whether anyone has yet availed themselves of this service but it will be interesting to work out how it should be counted. Brauerei Eichendorff in Hemer has been closed for around two years. The Helen Stube in Hengsen is now called Kreiseleck and definitely doesn't brew.

In fact, I seriously doubt the Helenbrauerei ever did. First slated for closure several years ago, the Hüchelner Urstoff Brauhaus in Frechen finally shut on 5th February last year. Haltern is home to the tiny Böcken-Bräu. It's located a mile and a half east of town at the Jupp Erlebnisbiergarten , next to Halterner Stausee. Hildener Landbräu hasn't brewed since at least Coltro Brauservice opened in Hürth last year.

They do brew for themselves but appear to be targeting the house beer market. Opening soon is the Waldstadtbrauerei Iserlohn. It's located just up the valley from the old Iserlohner Brauerei.

A brewery has been installed in a back room at Hotel Sängerhof in Ittenbach, in the hills above Königswinter. It trades as Seven Craft. Does anyone know when or if Gaffel will move to Pörz? Herbs and Brettanomyces appear to play a large part. The Felsenkeller Brauhaus in Monschau does not brew; the beers sold there are made by Rainer in Welz. There's another new brewery to report in Münster. Bierbrauerei Dackel began brewing in a former bank on the Germania University campus at the end of East of Pulheim, the hamlet of Orr has had a small brewery since late last year.

Heienhof is located in an old barn. Confirmation from the owner that Peterbier in Raesfeld was very short lived, opening and closing in Scheärmull-Bräu in Roetgen cloed in February Edgar Ramiel has taken his home-brewing to its logical conclusion and gone commercial in Saalhausen. His beer is brewed and sold at Hotel Flurschütz.

La Bodega in Schwelm changed name and stopped brewing some years ago. Close to the Dutch border there's a small brewery in rural Sang, south of Straelen. The Straelener Brauhaus has been active since October but opens only occasionally for direct sales.

Wermelskirchen has had a brewery since late Dellman's Bräu is on the industrial estate east of town. Udo Kirschmann brews tiny quantities for his equally small brewing museum in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen. Howver, the beer is not commercially available - you have to visit the museum by appointment only to get a free sample as he's restricted by the home brew laws.

It's not commercial so won't be listed here. Bendorf now has a brewpub in the centre of town called Bier-Schmiede. After an eight year absence, brewing resumed at Brauhaus Grünstadt during The brewery is also available for hire by cuckoo brewers and is used in particular by Haardt Bier of Bad Dürkheim.

One closure that I've long overlooked is that of the Nassauische Privatbrauerei in Hahnstätten. I thought I'd mentioned it here before but apparently not; the brewery closed in Bierprojekt Landau has been active since last year. Another former cuckoo to open their own brewery is Kuehn Kunz Rosen in Mainz. Located at the junction of the railway lines from Frankfurt and Mannheim, the brewery opened in May last year and the tap in January. Brauerei Schnorres opened in Mehlingen during The brewery has a small tap which opens Thursday evenings only.

The Alte Apotheke in Otterbach moved up the high street into a converted cowshed at the end of and changed name to Merk's Scheunenbrauerei.

Winterbach is home to Brauwerkstatt Steffen Süs, a. The tiny Hop on Top started brewing in Dresden a couple of months ago. The beers are available direct from source five days a week and are also sold in Bürgerstübl. In the village of Hopfgarten near Bad Lausick is the family-run Kräckerbräu. Cliff Schönemann has taken the step from hobby to commercial brewing with the opening of Cliff's Brauwerk in Leipzig.

Radebeul has a second, tiny brewery. Braumanufaktur Radebeul has been brewing since More tiny brewing shenanigans, this time in Zwickau, where the Kevin Brewery has been active since last year.

Steffan Henning opened ElbBrauerei Frohse last year but had his beers made elsewhere for a year or so before that. Die Gläserne Privatbrauerei closed in It has since re-opened but without an active brewery. The new location includes a tap. After several years brewing his beer in Bayern, Ulf Steinforth opened the Sudenburger Brauhaus in Magdeburg last summer.

Reviving the name of the VEB Sudenburger Brauhaus which closed in , the new brewery has a potential annual capacity of 10,hl. Demmert-Bräu in Neuendorf has closed following the death of the owner. Lorenzhof is primarily a wedding and events venue with the brewery run as a sideline.

Fährhaus Bräu has been brewed in small quanities at the Burger Fährhaus since late The restaurant and hotel is next to the ferry landing, a mile south-east of Burg itself. The Brewing Pack became Elmshorn's first brewery in more than 90 years when it opened last year. Englishman Ian Faulkner should also now be brewing in Elmshorn.

He'd previously made his Balduin Ales at Alles Elbe. Having brewed elsewhere for a few years, Lillebräu expect to open their own brewery in Kiel during the summer. There's now a brewery in the northernmost settlement in Germany, List. Watt Bier , a. Sylter Bierbrauerei, brews using condensate left over from production of Sylter Meersalz. Does anyone know if Das Kleine Brauhaus in Schwarzenbek is still active? Nothing seems to have been reported since Although the website is still active, Corbeker is believed to have closed.

Can anyone confirm this? Heimathafen opened in an old railway goods shed east of Erfurt Hauptbahnhof in April last year. The beers are widely available in the city and direct from the brewery on Wednesday and Saturday. Run by three friends, Braumanufaktur Schmalkalden opened in The brewery is on the Neumarkt and opens for sales Wednesday afternoons. A seventh, the AIDAnova , is expected later this year. Jochen has been in touch to confirm the Brauerei Hirtler in Neuershausen does in fact exist.

Although initially announced as an April Fool, the joke stirred something in the four protagonists and they went into production in May last year. Annual output is around hl. There's no tap but you can buy from the brewery Thu Willinger Brauhaus has opened a new, larger brewery next door to the tap. The original equipment is still in situ but unused.

Nordeneyer Brauhaus has moved to new, larger premises. The tap remains at the original site. Eight outlets on the island are now supplied. It would appear Brauhaus Budenschuster is already brewing as their Kellerbier is currently available at Gasthaus Adelskammer in nearby Carlsgrün. Does anyone know anything about Brauhaus Budenschuster in Bad Steben? There are photo's of a somewhat unusual brewery under construction on their Facebook page which mentions they are converting two farmhouses, one of which will be a tap, but there has been little posted since April.

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu has been in touch to confirm they do brew. The brewery was expanded last year with new equipment and is not visible from the street, so what Paul Lockwood saw was presumably old kit in storage. The first of two new breweries to report in the Bad Tölz area is one in the town itself.

Tölzer Binderbräu is a brewpub across the river from the centre. The other is Brauerei Findler in Greiling, a few kilometres to the east. Meanwhile, Brauerei Martini in Kassel closed last November. The remaining beers are now made in Einbeck and there are plans to covert the brewery into apartments.

It appears to have opened in spring but the Facebook page has been inactive for over two years. Brewing on a very, very small scale just outside Magdeburg-Buckau railway station is Brewckau. They appear to be based in the rear of Getränkefeinkost , a beer shop with a very decent selection. Another little one is Braukeller Gotthilf in Bornhöved, just off the A Much bigger is the Wacken Brauerei in Wacken, housed in a former netto supermarket so there's plenty of room for expansion.

Older readers may recall a plan for a brewery in the old Sächsischer Bahnhof in Gera, first mentioned on these pages way back on 25th May Well, Günther's Gutes Bier finally opened in June last year. However, it seems there has since been a change of ownership of the building and although the brewery is still operating it is not clear whether you can drink the beers there.

Brandenburg itself has a new microbrewery. Privatbrauerei Heymann - Heymische Braukunst appears to be at owner Robert Heymann's brother's car servicing business. There's a shiny new brewery to report in the Bahrenfeld district. Hopper Bräu is in an industrial zone around a mile from Altona station.

Zur Alten Fassfabrik is now known as Marlower Brauerei. A third east Friesian island has a brewery. BrauManufaktur Baltrum is close to both the airfield and harbour. Privatbrauerei Braugut Stuhr has been operating since in Fahrenhorst, near Stuhr. Details are hard to come by but owner Ulrich Knäblein makes four house beers for Schloss Wissen in Weeze, miles away! Brewing since April is Hildesheimer Braumanufaktur. You'll find it on the eastern edge of Hildesheim, near the hospital.

Yet another new starter is Privatbrauerei Haverkamp in Laggenbeck, near Ibbenbüren, opened this time last year. Finne Brauerei opened in Münster earlier this year. Despite the name it is a brewpub,. Also new in Münster, Läuterwerk opened last October. Their website lists the five outlets they currently supply.

They still have day jobs so Craft Bräu's tap opens on Tuesday cheese night and Thursday live music only. Plans for a new brewery in Esting, near Olching, are at an advanced stage. Olchinger Braumanufaktur will be located in a building previously used for washing potatoes at the Hatzlhof farm.

In the meantime the beers are being made at Postbrauerei in Nesselwang. There is a brewery in Haselbach once more. The superbly-named Thomasbräu occupies part of the former Schlossbrauerei. Zum Grünen Baum is a recently renovated gasthof in Boitzenburger Land, a smal town in northern Brandenburg. As you will have guessed, they have a small brewery.

Just 20km west of Boizenburger Land is Lychen, Home to another new starter. Storch Bier is located in the cellar of Henning Storch's house. Kronenbrauerei Halter in Biberach near Heilbronn has been bought by Haller Löwenbräu and if it hasn't already closed will do so imminently.

Production will transfer to Schwäbisch Hall. Yet another brewery has appeared in Karlsruhe. Neureuter Braumanufaktur is in the northern borough of Neureut. Now, does anyone know anything about Brauerei Hirtler in Neuershausen?

It seems to me the announcement on 1st April of a revival of the former brewery which closed in was an elaborate April Fools' joke but at least one beer site lists five beers and it gets a mention elsewhere.

Just outside Tettnang, Siggenweiler is home to Hopfengut No20 , a hop farm with a museum, shop, pub and small brewery. Gaststätte Daniel in Ingolstadt has been brewing since March. München has a new brewery. Kraft Bier is in the Hadern district, around 8km south-west of the city centre.

The brewer, Nikolaus Starkmeth, will be a familiar name to regular readers Kaspar Schulz have a new 10hl brewery listed on their current orders page. The well-known Landbierparadies chain of bars in the Nürnberg area has opened a very small brewery at the Hexenhäusle branch in Fürth. The sole beer is usually available once every week or so - see website for details. Not to be confused with the Hexenhäusle at Vestnertorgraben 4. Vilstaler Stein-Bräu in Pöcking will be closing this Saturday.

Brewing on a very small scale is Hoppen un Molt in Warnemünde. Like Mike Rowe I have been in just about every industrial work setting. For 23 years I have been involved with training personnel in maintenance, general safety and more specifically high voltage safety. From my observations I believe safety is only as good as the person who has to practise it. It is personal diligence to take the time safety precautions to do it right every time.

That is very much a personal challenge for everyone. I go through that every time I have to put on a Category 4 electrical blast suit I hate it, but it is better than an ambulance ride to the burn ward or a ride in a hearse. Mike Rowe may be right when he says much of safety is lip service.

However safety programs are necessary to make people aware of safety needs and to remind them. People always think that they know better, but they do not, injury statistics bare that out. All the employer has to provide a safe work environment OSHA. One gets hurt and instantly there will be someone else to take their place.

Skilled employees have more value than taking a position on a production floor. I can recall the episode and it was not recent. I want to say it was first shown at least 18 months ago ?? I saw it and was somewhat numbed, like the first and only time I saw that ax men show. Rowe has an amazing following with his show and really could project it in a more interesting and educational way other than playing the bumbling but endearing guy.

He should be equipped with all the correct knowledge of the particular industry to include the proper OSHA required PPE whether his handlers give it to him or not. Being the executive producer I suspect not many tell him what to wear or do.

Imagine the presenter, already knowing the business he is visiting better than the industry rep! That would be interesting to me. It would likely change his uneducated view pertaining to Safety. Years ago my favorite rocker Ted Nugent who crashed and burned in popularity went on to try radio, then ended up on TV with his successful hunting show.

Are you all aware during filming and while operating a chainsaw he damn near cut off his left leg with it. He was not wearing any protective cut proof leggings. It was a terrible incident. Personal Safety should always be a personal value. Nobody benefits by him wearing any safety apparel except him. Safety is a waste of time and money. As Rowe stated, you just do not want to be sued. So if I sign a waiver, get it notarized that should be that.

I mean if you want to get into the semantics of the issue safety is part of the reason why people are becoming less intelligent. Safety is also leading to the overpopulation of the planet which is leading to people starving, salmon disease because people are not dying at the rate they should. I work for General Motors and let me tell you right now I have been in more safety disciplinary meeting then you can imagine and for some reason I still have a job, you want to know why that is?

Okay well what about all the times I have skipped around safety and save the company a million dollars? Okay then it should not bother you for me to get hurt and see you for a million dollars either then since money is not the issue! Ahhhh, now you see! To win an argument or a debate you do not have to be right or correct. All you have to do is prove that they are not right and you have won!

Darn right I have primary responsibility for my own safety. Being alert and responsible is the first, best line of defense. In other words, the non-productive leach-world of banks, litigators, and insurance companies. I have long believed that all facets of a business environment have to work hand in hand. Safety, Efficiency, Delivery, and Quality have to be so connected with each other that none of them can succeed without the other.

Mike Rowe is correct in his thinking that if a company truly believes that safety is first will not succeed. I often tell people that your Safety is as important to this company and myself as quality, efficiency, and delivery. Likewise, if my manufacturing facility was producing with no regard to Safety at all, we too would be nothing more than a cornfield.

I beg to differ, there are several employers who truelly do care about the safety of their workers. It is a win, win situation when everyone goes home without injuries. I wish they did, and until THAT is fixed, every employer has to strive to make the workplace safe!!!!!

I find it frightening to know there are people with such public visibility who make careless comments like Mr. Our company has worked hard and long to change our culture to one that realizes we all need to work constantly and with a safe attitude. People will only be safe when we all come to that realization. A comment like this takes us backwards 10 years. It sounds good but simply does not get the attention to be truly meaningful. I disagree in that safety does not affect the bottom line.

It is true that wearing PPE is not the goal in safety, it is eliminating the hazard through engineering controls. PPE is the last defense in protecting workers. Most accidents do not happen as a result of employee carelessness. They result in a lack of training, understanding, engineering and administrative controls and we need dedicated professionals to make sure that those factors are being pursued.

In many cases safety is better for the bottom line anyway, especially when considering PPE. Even the higher priced items like harnesses and lanyards for those working at heights easily are less costly than the injury they would prevent. These are smaller, family-operated companies that may not have the background or expertise to develop a true safety culture. However, we all know that there are a number of companies out there that would indeed shut down a production line to correct a condition or issue deemed to be unsafe.

I am also starting to believe after 10 years in the safety business that this is true of many, if not most, people. I am facilities management and safety professional and I partly agree with Mike on this one. Priorities change depending on the need. If safety were truly first, we would not be in manufacturing. There are too many risks involved.

The goal of every for profit business is to make… drum roll please a profit. Our management team truly does not want anyone to get hurt but they also realize that it is cost effective to protect their employees so it is my job to asses the risks, inform management on the appropriate laws, introduce policy, and audit for safety.

As far as personal responsibility, I want every associate to go beyond policy, learn to assess each situation, and then think and act safely.

At that point safety has become a value rather than a priority. Unfortunately in many cases Mr. It is up to true safety professionals to aid in changing this culture. Good safe work practices show in company profits. Many do not believe that. I do wish that Mr. Rowe would have expressed some sort of appreciation towards the fan that cares about his safety and well being more than he does. Then again should he become injured on camera, he ratings are sure to skyrocket.

Have a safe and productive day all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But what a shame that this Mike Rowe is so ignorant. I want them to leave in the afternoon just as healthy as they came in through the gate in the morning. Our director would not hesitate to chew your butt out—or fire it—on site if he saw you not working safely. What good does that do a company? This creates havoc in the minds and actions of employees; some get ticked because they have to do more and not get paid for it, etc.

Why would a company want that?? I am a full time safety professional, and the only people providing me job security and protecting my job are people like Mike Rowe and the other posters here. You folks create the need for my job, thank you. I agree with Mike that safety is not the number one priority, making a profit safely is the number one priority.

Companies cannot make a profit by getting people hurt. There is nothing shameful or evil about wanting and needing profit. But ask BP if by passing some safety rules and regulations is cheaper than full compliance. Good sound business, a profitable business is a safe business, as well as an ethical business. I find it sad we have to force people to look out for their own safety.

Either way it pays off for the employees and for the business many times over. Working 13 years in the field of Environmental Health and Safety, I feel what Mike said in his response rings very true in the industry for most companies, not the very successful ones, but most of them. This is a business culture that every safety professional wrestles with throughout their career. Shortcuts are taken and safety procedures are circumvented to get the job done on time or meet quotas.

After all, companies are in business to create products or services, not to develop safety procedures or provide a safe place to work. This is always the case until management realizes that injury costs direct and hidden and workers compensation premiums have a huge effect on the bottom line, or production rates dip because employees are frequently being injured and morale suffers because nobody seems to care.

Or even worse, a serious injury or fatality occurs costing thousands, if not millions, in court costs, insurance premium hikes, regulatory costs, etc. While I do agree with safety being an individual responsibility, I also feel that your company is responsible for the education and supply of PPE that are required for your job. Safety measures are in place to protect workers, but most definitely to protect the company as a top priority.

No employer wants to pay out thousands and thousands of dollars for unsafe practices for some idiot that likes to juggle his blow torch. In any field of endeavor, unmitigated nonsense comes from individuals who are too lazy or too weak in people skills to go out and find the best way, the best tools, the best PPE, and the best leaders for the processes. High-performing companies have high-performing people, production processes, product quality, customer service, and yes, a high-performing safety culture.

At a company I used to work for a. If the PPE is comfortable the employees will steal it to use at home and we will have to buy more.

Lets be honest with ourselves. The goal of a company is to make money. How do we make money? Treating safety, quality, morale, cost and production equally. Most companies put production ahead of quality and safety, yet tell the employees that safety is their number one goal. I think we need a compromise. Safety should come first but we should be able to rely on common sense eye glasses Mike!!

I was at a company where the safety manager was casual with the guys and they listened to him about basic safety. A worker involved in a job, including desk jobs, has the potential for injury. If safety really were first, any risky or potentially risky job would just not get done. Clearly this is reasonable in the real working world. Safety is not, nor can ever be, first. However safety should be a high priority and built into the plan and execution of the job. As a safety professional involved in a business that is intending to make money, it is important that I make wise and pragmatic decisions, understanding how safety affects the bottom line.

A good safety record and healthy employees are good for business. The employees know the company is concerned with their well being and are generally compliant with safety rules and reporting issues and incidents. As a result of improving safety at our facility, the company has saved eight percent on its insurance premium this year. That more than pays for the investments in safety the company has made. If you have lots of injuries, then you have down time, you have other employees who start being unproductive either becuase they are demoralized because they have seen their fellow co-workers injured, or maybe they are unproductive because they are scared themselves.

We had a serious injury at our factory recently-the employee was at fault-but we had done our best to train against what occured. And YES, we used a safety consultant. And he helped lots. Safety has to come first-without it. The truth is that almost EVERY company wants the job done as top priority and safety is a close SECOND… Otherwise putting safety first would cause the cost to do the job to far exceed the acceptable area to do business.

After reading more on Mr. What good does making money do for the company if they have to pay it out in comp claims or death benefits. We have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to make sure we all go home with all our parts. The company I work for really does care about safety, and I am glad they do. First of all he is an entertainer and probably does whatever he is instructed to do as far as safety goes while he is doing his work. Second, anyone who thinks safety is not or should not be first has not had to call an employees family member to let them know that there loved one has been injured on the job and is seeking medical attention.

Safety is a state of mind. Unfortunately, it is like raising children. In a previous yard remodeling TV show I saw a worker being transported on the ball of a demolition equipment -I guess safety does not apply when you are having fun in front of TV cameras, and then brag about it like Rowe giving the impression that he is immune to danger.

By being compliant in this matter, I am sure we have prevented many injuries or deaths and still manage to stay a float in this economy. Nevertheless, just by reading related safety cases in this site I have to agree with Rowe to some extent: Are his comments helpful?

I think they rather undermine the importance of safety in the workplace. This is quite ironic, from what I know of Ford, they place a very high priority on Safety and ergonomics. Many people tend to unwisely place great weight on the opinions of the famous, and such statements can undermine much of what the safety programs and professionals have accomplished. It is first only at that time. When another issue pops up it is first. Those companies that put employee safety as an equal business requirement to production, schedule, quality, etc.

Unfortunately as Mike stated financial helps drive the culture from injury and insurance costs. Poor EMR ratings can cost a company business opportunity.

Many of the companies with that attitude succeed in all aspects of their business and are respected. People watch his show to see the odd and dangerous jobs.

He and his crew are not there to train the companies he visits, although he is responsible for his and his crews safety. If his crew pointed out the safety issues, he would not be welcome at places.

I am sure there are places where he even refused the work. On the PPE issue, maybe Mr. Rowe should become more of a safety example for folks in the work place that he has the privilege of working beside. I have watched the show on a frequent basis and it kills me to see how lax some of the people are when it comes to safety. As a safety professional, you can only do so much when it comes to wearing proper PPE.

Safety responsibility for wearing PPE lies solely on the individual performing the work. It is the companies responsibility to train the members on the importance and reasoning for wearing the PPE, but the company cannot constantly baby sit adults in the work place to make sure they are complying with the rules.

If an individual takes it upon themself to disregard their training and instruction then that is their choice and ultimate fault. If the company is not performing their due diligence in properly identifying and training members on PPE then it is shame on that company. Common sense goes a long way in the work place…too bad it is not used as much as it should be. Having been an HR guy, and for some reason in charge of safety, at several companies in my career, I have to agree with him.

He experiences REAL job-site conditions first hand, and conveys them to his audience. Beyond the desire to share the experience, he is not a crusader for work-place issues or policies of any variety, except perhaps for the promotion of work in general see mikeroweworks. Those who follow the show will recall that Mike has suffered numerous injuries, bouts of sickness and exhaustion on his various jobs, and that he always follows the PPE and safety rules of the subject work-place.

As a safety person I agree that all we can do is try to get employees to follow the safety rules. In the end they are responsible for their own sfety. That being said, an employer also has a responsiblity as well to keep their employees safe. Occupational injuries hurt the company and the employee. The lost time, the retraining of employees, emotional and physical well being of the employee that is hurt and those who may have seen the incident.

I think of those that can no longer support their families due to an incident whether they have died, lost a limb or have an occupational disease. It takes a toll on the family dynamics.

Yes, safety is first but it starts by making everyone accountible including those on tv shows. They need to be shown doing it right. Mike points are very clear and not very deep…to summarize: I am a saftey professional for all you people who say safety is first you are wrong. The cost of any minor eye injury is several hundred dollars plus the indirect cost of lost productivity and time taken to handle the claim.

Did Rowe say profit first? And how effective are those OSHA safety standards? Well OSHA has been around for only 40yrs. Now consider the amount medical cost in the US have gone up in the last couple of decades then look at how much regular medical insurance has gone up to cover those increase.

Then compare the increase employers pay in medical insurance because of these increases to the rate changes in WC cost. And if it were not for controlling losses rate would be going up just like medical insurance. But he needs not to open his big mouth with negative comments such as this. He should keep his opinions to himself. They will pick up this attitude about safety not being important and apply it to their own lives. Because a celeberty states safety is not important or the first priority.

Mike Rowe is correct in stating that safety is not the first and foremost priority or value in any company… equal maybe, but not truly FIRST. However, a company that does not drive its employees to THINK about safety first before performing any task is setting themselves up for failure. If we, as safety professionals, do not do everything in our power to instill that thought process into our employees, we can forget about production. There will not be safe, healthy employees in place to do the job.

Rowe is some what correct in his analogy of some companies but there are companies that believe safety is good business. Mike Rowe has a great following of his TV show. If he could put a brief clip of going over the safety precautions for each show he is doing, it would send a great message that safety is a priority, instead of just glossing it over. By him doing that and it saved just one life or prevented a person from a serious injury, it would be well worth it.

I do agree however that there are a number of corporations and Corporate folks that are more focused on numbers and will do everything in their power to keep employees from filing claims when they get injured and are still rewarding people for having no accidents. It is sad that this happens even after Dr. Michaels has stated the Federal OSHA dissaproves of programs that reward people for not having accidents and has said the Federal OSHA will not tolerate these types of negative incentives.

I would also note that if Mr. Rowe is wearing the same protective gear as the employees, the employer is a fault, not Mr. Fourteen to sixteen workers die in this country per day!

As family members cry through their grief I guarantee they wish safety had been more important. His tone changed pretty quick, and he admits he was wrong.

You all think what you will. But to the others, maybe you should think about the people who have to live a life without their loved one and ask yourself how you would feel if it happened to your family. Mike makes it sound as if the two are mutually exclusive.

You can do a job safely, and be profitable as well. It is moronic to suggest otherwise. Apparantly the OSHA regs and laws only apply to certain people! This rant is irresponsible IMO. Tell the families of those killed on the job, or have been injured such that they can never work again that safety is not important.

Each of us IS responsible for our own safety, but sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Complete disregard for the effort put forth into creating a safety culture. Mike dropped the ball this time. Based on some of the foregoing commentary, many posters have neither carefully read the initial story, nor have ever watched the TV show in question.

In any case, it is wrong for you to insist that Dirty Jobs should present a dishonest portrayal of the work, merely for the sake of safety propaganda.

Wow, this was a disappointing diatribe from someone who is so visible and so influential. Great catlyst for the follow-up comments, though. There are a lot of really good comments that show that this is a challenge that gets to the very core of workplace safety.

I genuinely care about protecting my coworkers safety and health on the job. It is in fact also a very valid part our job to protect our employer from civil and criminal liability, fines, lawyers, juries, judges, medical expenses, bad press, and the prolonged decrease in morale and productivity that occurs after someone is killed or seriously injured in a workplace.

And yes, sometimes that involves protecting the employees from themselves. Any employee who thinks those efforts are a ridiculous waste of time — or downright….

For companies Safety is first because incidents, accidents and injuries cost money. So if you want to say production is first, well one cannot have production if the employees are getting injured and away from work. If the business states that making money is first, well one cannot make money if the employees are getting injured and out of work.

Put it where you want but without it we all lose. Yes the individual should be and is responsible for their personal safety. I would bet your lawyers would be lining up to sue anyone and everyone for lost wages. A worker any person is and should be resonsible for thier personal safety.

Where do they place safety in their personal list of priorities first, second, third, etc. More of the Blame Game. I agree that the term Safety First has and is misused.

It will continue to be misused and made a sham especially when those do not walk the walk, they just like to talk. Why do we wear safety glasses, gloves, boots, etc? Who told us to? It should be you, yourself, you again. Take responsibility for your destiny!!!!!!!! Discussions like this stir up critical thinking among workers, business owners and safety professionals -which is great. There is always room for change, specially when comments like his make so many people angry!!!

We have ripsaws, jumpsaws, multi-trim saws, radial arm saws, chamfer machine, bangsaw, bandsaw, and strippers. He simply pointed out that, and I quote: Safety is a personal choice, and a life attitude. Just like car seat belts. You can make them. And you can make laws requiring people wear them. Unfortunately, there is truth in what Mike has stated. Yes, most want people to be safe but do not want to commit resources — training, safety gear, warnings and warning signs, etc.

Employess responsible for identifying safety issues to management are generally met with a reluctance of management to react because of the interference in regular business activities. Whereas I agree that each employee is responsible for his own safety, many employees are clueless as to what the necessary actions are to adequately prevent injury or accident unless management has taken the time to train the workforce. Again, training takes away from production and that factor deminishes the bottom line.

Having investigated many fatalities, and helped companies engage safety processes saving them millions of dollars, I disagree with the flippantly expressed notion that no companies put safety first. It is an overused expression, agreed. I prefer to say safety is just one of our many important priorities, but is unique in that it should never be second in importance.

Injuries are a form of waste. Especially in the 21st Century, no company can afford to ignore a major waste stream and dump all responsibility for controlling it on workers. What does he know about anything? Kin, You seem to be blaming your own company management for injuries because they had installed machine guards on the woodcutting equipment while they are trying to have a safe work envirment and keep their employees safe. Maybe you should put that in writing and have it in your file incase something were to happen.

Funny that OSHA laid charges when a certain mining tv show had some safety lapses. Maybe OSHA needs to review these as well. Maybe a few well placed inspectors can change his idea. When it comes to people being responsible for themselves thats fine out of the workplace. But if you are at work that does not apply. Rowe has taken the approach that it will never happen to me, I am doing what the other guys are doing. Sad to say that this is a common mindset.

Once an accident starts to unfold, it is too late to stop and put on safety glasses or hard-hats etc. If you watch his show on a regular basis it is easy to see that safety is not a top priority to him or his producers. The bottom line is selling the show to the viewers. After reading this article and the comments posted about it basically trashing safety , I am both surprised and offended.

Without making parts the place closes the doors. But a company must also make a commitment to provide a safe workplace. A company truly needs to do is instill safety into each employee, they must make a full commitment to make the workplace safer, listen to safety concerns and correct them, spend necessary monies to engineer fixes and not just rely on overbearing PPE to protect workers.

The last thing is to worry about compliance with OSHA or any other governing agencies. Yes, without compliance you risk penalties, but if your first concern is compliance, you will fail to create the culture that encourages safety and communication about safety. Employees will not be engaged in the program.

Safety needs to be both proactive and positive. After all, they need to make the commitment to their self and their family to go home each day.

The comment about a safety professional basically being a figurehead is ridiculous, although it can and does happen in some companies. What people need to understand about a safety professional is that they are more of a coach, a trainer, and a resource, than they are a worker.

Without a knowledgeable safety professional; who would have the experience, the resources, the knowledge and the attitude to make the appropriate recommendations? Who would provide adequate protection and training to employees? Planning, training and engineering that accounts for human and environmental hazards results in a safe and efficient working environment.

Clearly, to enrich and empower those individuals, companies and government agencies that literally make a living from safety. Just listen to OSHA say: And why the fear mongering and personal attacks in these posts? And so back to the original subject: After all, the potential loss of true…. This is very disappointing to me. The over-generalization and stereotyping by Mr Rowe and others who have responded in support of him is very disturbing to me. I recently gave a presentation to our employees about the construction of the stadium for The Commonwealth Games in India.

In the 3 years they constructed that stadium over 2 dozen people were killed on-site due to industrial accidents. Others put the number much higher. The descriptions of the working conditions- Workers issued hard hats but had no shoes, no respirators, children running and playing throughout the site alongside workers because the whole family worked there and no one was available to sit them. That was America a hundred years ago.

It could be that the true Safety as a Core Value companies would never let an untrained worker off the street come in and perform tasks at their facility knowing he would only be there 1 day.

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