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More than a billion people are on countless platforms around the globe every day, either blogging or obtaining information from a website. This trend offers companies, organisations and individuals the chance to interact digitally with customers and organizations.

Digital media allow a direct dialogue to be conducted between companies and customers, thereby forging a new type of closeness. Successful communication on digital channels requires a coordinated procedure that is embedded in corporate communication. IRF Communications assists individuals and companies with all matters involving digital communications, from developing a strategy and defining guidelines for internal use at companies to energetically supporting the monitoring and management of crises and conducting campaigns.

Internal communication primarily aims to convey strategy and corporate culture to staff and keep them updated on developments within the company. Only if staff understand corporate strategy can they commit themselves effectively to achieving business targets.

Internal communication is a strategic success factor, especially when it comes to change processes. In order for change to be implemented successfully, information has to be provided and dialogue initiated concerning the background to the change process envisaged.

IRF Communications advises and supports its customers in developing strategy and organizing internal communication. We have longstanding expertise in planning and implementing internal communication in relation to change processes, such as conveying and establishing a new corporate strategy and communicating restructuring measures.

The actions taken by Swiss lawmakers and policymakers are usually preceded by lengthy debates in parliamentary committees and the two chambers of Parliament.

Winning a majority backing often hinges on the intricate interplay of companies, organizations and special interest representatives and their information, influence, and tactical moves. Public affairs in Switzerland have undergone major qualitative and quantitative developments during the past fifteen years. A clear concept is needed to ensure targeted lobbying campaigns are successful. The financial and economic crisis underscored the extent to which political decisions can affect the general business environment and the importance of a constructive dialogue between business and politics.

Such a dialogue goes far beyond a passing conversation in the corridors of Parliament. IRF Communications assists companies and organizations in presenting and advancing their legislative agendas. Public affairs services include the analysis and integrated tracking of political decision-making processes, supported by conventional corporate communications and media relations activities.

The measures and platforms developed for each project are tailored precisely to the needs of the client. The company also maintains a wide network of contacts with specialists in research, practical and academic circles. Its range of services extends from strategic consulting to design and conceptual input all the way through to the implementation of individual communications measures.

We gladly pass on our expertise and experience. Browse through a selection of published articles on communication topics as well as our company news.

In it, we incorporate our practical knowledge and the latest data from our market research. Sorry, this entry is only available in German. A medium-sized bank is looking to reposition itself with a new CEO following various reputational problems. IRF starts with workshops to redefine the basic values as well as the mission and vision. The basic parameters for the repositioning are in place within about two months. This makes it possible to prepare the employees and to ensure clear external communications.

For this purpose, IRF develops new communication and marketing activities, presents solutions to implement the values and is available as a sparring partner throughout the entire process. The realignment and the new business behaviour are communicated through media activities. The repositioning of the brand is successively appreciated by the public, and credibility gradually returns. The new corporate values increasingly characterise the behaviour of the employees.

A long-established Swiss industrial corporation changes its strategy, not least because its sales markets are proving increasingly difficult. IRF helps the company, together with the international partner FTI Consulting, develop the equity story as well as the communications strategy that centres on an investor day. Discussions with investors, analysts and the media are used to reposition the company and its new strategy.

The financial community and the media respond positively to the announced repositioning. This forms the basis for further announcements of a strategic nature during the following months. A SMI company is looking to broaden the media profile of its financial results, while presenting the breadth of its management team in an appropriate manner. IRF advises on the profiling of topics and messages which are to be communicated to the market in a structured manner — as well as spontaneously if particularly topical — using suitable media instruments.

The media profiles of the less well-known members of the management team are raised step-by-step using a clear concept. The initiative extends over several years. It has the desired effect, even if it is repeatedly overshadowed by extraordinary events.

A French asset manager established throughout Europe wants to enhance its profile in Switzerland and build professional media relations. IRF develops a communications strategy and draws on the entire toolkit of media relations to implement it — including background discussions, interviews, bylined articles, roundtables and an annual visit to the head office.

Experts from Switzerland and abroad were introduced gradually to the Swiss media in accordance with the strategy paper. The coordinated programme boosted media coverage significantly and established a clear profile in the Swiss media. As a result, investor interest has increased. The cradle of the international luxury hotel sector is to be found in Switzerland. As long ago as the 18th century, the first grand hotels were established between Geneva and Zurich, and over the past years these served as role models for the global development of the luxury hotel sector.

Strength of innovation, pioneering spirit and Swiss perfection and quality continue to shine out into the whole world to this day. IRF oversees the worldwide profile of the group of 41 most exclusive 5-star hotels in Switzerland in the field of media work and publications.

Through the targeted positioning of individual examples, as well as active storytelling, thought leadership is achieved in the Swiss luxury hotel field and added value is created for the collective umbrella brand. Editorial supervision of the in-house glossy magazine furthermore supports international media work, creates emotional content in the communications and promotes cross-marketing amongst the members. A young and fast-growing company in the aviation industry, headquartered at Basel Airport, wants to raise its public profile.

Together with the management, IRF develops building blocks to establish consistent global external communications. Journalists from around the world are invited to events, trade fairs, one-on-one discussions and visits to the business premises, in order to make the company and its activities tangible and experienced. With personal statements from the owners and management, as well as through exercised openness, the previously relatively inaccessible company, which faced rumours and suppositions, raises its public profile significantly.

Today the enterprise is an exemplary business and is seen as an attractive employer in the Basel region. Ahead of the stockmarket listing and as part of a broader communications concept, IRF invites selected media representatives to visit the company headquarters, in order to provide the media with insights into the business that has tended to operate out of the limelight.

Thanks to the clear communications about the virtues of the business, which are carefully tailored to the needs of particular target groups, the stockmarket floatation is a huge success.

The company shares are several times oversubscribed. Companies based abroad which are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange often lack immediate and direct contact with local investors, analysts and media representatives. A locally established partner can be helpful for companies that would like to target Swiss investors, be covered by Swiss analysts and be focused on by Swiss journalists.

This includes handling enquiries from private shareholders, calling meetings with potential new institutional investors, organising information events about the annual financial statements, contact with SIX or running perception analyses to identify and interpret the sentiment toward this company on the market.

Listed companies are very much in the media spotlight and are subject to a large number of communication obligations. For this reason, financial communications need to be planned with care, in order to supply stakeholders with the information they require.

IRF helps several listed companies to plan and produce the annual report, partly for many years. In addition, IRF prepares the documents for the media conferences and conducts a rehearsal with the management. IRF is also engaged by customers to develop new concepts for annual reports sometimes in close cooperation with design agencies , accompanies strategically significant changes such as the transition of the annual report from a printed copy to a fully online version, and derives action recommendations for even more effective reporting from best practice analyses.

A foreign company wants to strengthen its presence in Europe and significantly expand its offering by strategically acquiring a listed Swiss company. IRF develops a communication concept together with the company to outline the strategic value of the transaction.

The reasons for the transaction and the plans for the acquired company are explained in detail with media relations — this prevents rumours and speculation at an early stage. At the same time, an ongoing dialogue is maintained with employees, customers and authorities.

Constant communication ensures that the media and the public are made aware of the strategic considerations of the acquisition and creates confidence in the new owner. Communication contributes to the success of the public takeover bid. A Swiss company in the healthcare market wants to separate its group; one of the two business units is to be listed separately on the SIX Swiss exchange.

IRF advises the company on development of the communication concept. IRF deploys important PR tools as a website, a shareholder brochure and an image brochure, and gets involved in media relations. A clear profile of the company as a leading healthcare company in Switzerland and heightened awareness of the business.

And a successful transaction on the capital market. A listed Swiss industrial company gets into operational difficulties, and the share price drops accordingly.

The Board of Directors and the Management Board are concerned about hostile takeover attempts as a consequence of the undervaluation. IRF is tasked with developing lines of defence to prepare for this eventuality.

A strengths and weaknesses analysis highlights the possible points of attack of potential bidders. Decision-making processes are created, drafts for media releases are prepared and additional communication and IR tools are determined based on this analysis. The company also closely monitors any shareholder changes.

Hostile takeover bids are surprisingly common. As a result, time is a scarce commodity once an offer like this has been reached. It is therefore advisable to make preparations in good time. A foreign bank in Switzerland unexpectedly falls under suspicion of having failed to observe guidelines to prevent money laundering. High-profile clients are named in the press. International journalist networks publish confidential data concerning international financial transactions.

IRF was commissioned, in close cooperation with the board of directors as well as involved law firms, to draw up possible scenarios and the corresponding communication strategies. Depending upon how the case develops and the result of external investigations, statements, language rules and media releases are drafted. In addition, clear rules are defined, detailing how incoming media enquiries are to be processed and answered professionally, promptly and within the context of the statutory provisions bank client secrecy, ongoing investigations, etc.

In the field of crisis communications, responsiveness, honesty and clear processes are the key factors for successful communications. An investment specialist that focuses on sustainability investments is for the first time planning to promote its annually published study actively in social media.

IRF identifies important influencers in the sustainable investment field in the channels Twitter and LinkedIn, and draws up editorial schedules for the two channels.

A week before the study is due to be published, the client initiates the teaser phase by posting news and tweets. The frequency is substantially increased on the day on which the study is published. Multipliers bloggers, online media pick up the study and spread it further. Numerous new followers are recorded on Twitter and LinkedIn.

A SMI listed company wants to link its expertise more closely to current events on selected social-media channels and expand its existing communities. IRF uses different reaches local to global to research topically important events in the industry and draws up a detailed editorial plan for twelve months at a time.

There are also multiple posts on current events on a daily basis newsjacking. To intensify dialogue with the global community, company experts are set up as ambassadors and are actively supported at the start of their activities with an editorial plan. Making a success of professional entry to the social media. A Swiss association dedicated to promoting sustainable financial investments makes changes to its communications strategy because an increasing number of members and the media operate in social media.

The client previously only had a presence in the form of its own website. In workshops and courses, working together with the client, IRF lays down the social media ground rules, sets up the selected Twitter and LinkedIn channels, and develops an editorial plan for the starting phase. Monitoring and precautions for possible communication risks also need to be implemented. Thanks to the infusion of knowledge in the workshop and training courses, the client is quickly able to navigate the new environment independently.

Journalists and multipliers begin following the client on Twitter and LinkedIn. In overall terms, the number of followers rises steadily. A leading global provider of security solutions wants to promote the sense of community within its numerous group companies. The aim is to facilitate cooperation and create synergies by developing common company principles amongst the businesses and brands in Europe and overseas.

The Management Board sees this as a source of substantial potential for growth and increase in profitability. In close cooperation with IRF, in various workshops, the Group management identifies seven common company principles that have been represented as a symbol. Members of the Group management explain the new principles in a company video on the intranet. Employees are also presented with the values and the visualised symbol on posters and in brochures.

Employees of all Group companies are aware of and understand the common company values. They are more motivated and take the initiative to form teams across the Group and reach new goals together. Internal communications — guideline for employees in particularly unsettled times. Internal communications become hugely important when a company is experiencing changes. They ensure that all stakeholders clearly understand their particular roles in this transformation, and are provided with the same level of information.

IRF provided an internationally operating pharmaceutical company with communications support while it relocated its European headquarters from Lausanne to Zurich. The starting point was the comprehensive communications concept for the internal and external communications. A core element here was training managers to provide employees with clear and simultaneously empathetic communications. Executives successfully remained in dialogue with the employees during a phase that was characterised by uncertainties.

In spite of the unwelcome news, employees engaged constructively in the consultancy process, and this in turn impacted positively on the parameters of the severance scheme. The company was able to finalize the consultancy process on schedule.

Closures or the relocation of production sites trigger uncertainties and fears amongst employees, business partners and public authorities. However difficult the messages may be, the process needs to be tightly controlled at the communications level, in order to ensure that additional frustration and vulnerabilities are not created. With the help of its international partner FTI Consulting, IRF provided a globally operating chemicals manufacturer, domiciled in Switzerland, with communications support during the closure of a production site in Great Britain.

The starting point was the classic communications concept for internal and external communications. A key aspect was preparing the management team for the need to provide employees with the best possible support during this delicate process. The consultation process with employees proceeded constructively and was wrapped up within the set timeframe.

A world-leading Swiss industrial company shows strong growth and almost doubles its workforce within around two years. This also leads to greater demands and requirements in terms of communication in the company. Ground needs to be made up, particularly in internal communication. IRF developes immediate and regular measures to make internal communication systematic. The measures focus on open dialogue between the Management Board and employees to build trust, and guidance and identification of new employees with the company.

IRF also advises on and assists with a global employee survey and creating internal publications in the event of ballots. This investment is expensive, however, and opinions are divided as to who should pay.

Together with a globally operating company that is active in the field of modernising public energy infrastructures, IRF develops communication activities to position the company as the industry and innovation leader in its specialist field.

These measures enable the company to exercise direct influence on public opinion, by for example getting its own executives appointed to key steering committees as industry representatives. As a link between politicians and the research community, the company makes an important contribution towards supplying innovative technologies that significantly support the realisation of the energy objectives.

The head office of a globally active pharmaceutical company is based in Switzerland. The company would like to be perceived as a relevant market player on the Swiss business scene and in the Swiss health policy.

One particular aim is to strengthen the perception of the economic, social and societal importance of the company in Switzerland among specific target groups and political opinion leaders. IRF maps out an active public affairs strategy and identifies strategically significant stakeholders and opinion leaders from the Swiss health policy. Personal meetings are arranged with the national manager of the Swiss subsidiary and accompanied by IRF. In addition, IRF supports the company in individual discussions and negotiations of the management with cantonal and local authorities at individual production sites in order to promote mutual understanding and to address business interests in relation to the location canton.

Universities and large companies in the Zurich region have decided to launch a cooperation with research and the private sector, with the aim of developing innovative and sustainable solutions for Switzerland.

They need a suitable site to do this. The situation is clear, the project is supported politically at both a national and cantonal level. However, locally there are individual critical voices. The project also needs private investors in order to develop the location.

IRF creates a communication concept to regularly inform local residents as well as local and regional journalists, and develops texts and information brochures. In addition, IRF proposes suitable measures for communication with investors, coordinates enquiries and takes on the production of brochures and presentations.

IRF also organises an event which around interested parties take part in. They include large multinational companies, rapidly growing young firms, interest groups and individuals. We will gladly provide you with references upon request. Not only are we communications experts, we always have our fingers on the pulse of selected industries. Top Single Frauen aus Polen. Hilfe im Labor Bydgoszcz 55 Jahre, K Frauen aus Polen 18 - 25 Jahre. Frauen aus Polen 26 - 35 Jahre. Frauen aus Polen 36 - 45 Jahre.

Frauen aus Polen 46 - 55 Jahre. Psychologischer Partnertest und Suchkriterien. Unsere Methode - Partnertest und Matching der Suchkriterien ist ein zuverlässiges und bewährtes Verfahren der Partnerwahl. Basierend auf dem Persönlichkeitstest, weisen wir hin, welche Partnerin für Sie am besten geeignet ist. Ebenfalls werden wir Ihnen Vorschläge polnischer Frauen erstellen, die speziell für Sie ausgewählt sind.

Es gibt kein Rezept für die Liebe und auch kein Rezept für die perfekte Beziehung. Es gibt jedoch wissenschaftliche Instrumente , die auf den Erfahrungen in der therapeutischen Praxis der Ehen basieren, um die Persönlichkeit und die Passgenauigkeit zweier Personen zu ermitteln. Der Umfang der Partnertests bestimmt unter Anderem, dass unser Partnertest professionell ist. Autor des Partnertests ist bekannter Psychologe Andrzej Rutowski. Über den psychologischen Test hinaus bieten wir Ihnen Matching der Suchkriterien.

Dorota i Wilfried Ehe von Dorota und Wilfried. Beata i Andreas Geschichte von Beata und Andreas. Barbara i Andreas Geschichte von Barbara und Andreas. Betty i Alex Geschichte von Betty und Alex. Dorota i Norbert Geschichte von Dorota und Norbert. Katarzyna i Peter Erfolgsstory von Kasia un Peter. Nachdem ich aktiv wurde und die Damen meiner Wahl angeschrieben hatte, bekam ich auch nette und herzliche Anworten. Eurer Test ist gut und meistens treffend. MC3, 47, Angestellter, Rauschenberg empfangen: Ihre Seite kann ich auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen.

Spricht aber für die Qualität Ihrer Internetseite. Ja, sah mich auch auf anderen Webseiten um, aber im Vergleich zu Euch präsentieren sie viel niedrigeres Niveau. Bei den meisten zählt Quantität statt Qualität, sind teuer und das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis stimmt nicht.

Also beschloss ich zu Euch zurück zu gehen und den Kampf um mein Glück fortzusetzen. Ich hoffe, ihr helft mir dabei. Anonymität, Sicherheit Ihrer Bilder und Daten. Ihre Anonymität und Sicherheit sind uns wichtig. Viele unserer Nutzer, die eine öffentliche oder berufliche Funktion ausüben, schätzen besonders die Garantie der Unverletzlichkeit der Privatsphäre. Lesen Sie weiter, wie wir uns um die Sicherheit Ihrer Daten bemühen. Ihre Identität können nur offenbart werden, wenn Sie es selbst tun.

Bitte schreiben Sie uns dann an: Partnersuche in Polen - Tipps und Tricks. Aktuelles Aktuelles zur Partnersuche in Polen. Ratgeber Tipps zum Thema polnische Frauen kennenlernen.

Aktionen Aktionen und Leistungen. PolishHarmony Schritt für Schritt. Polnische Mentalität und Kultur. Polen - Witze über Polen und Deutsche. Unsere seriöse Partnervermittlung zeichnet sich durch hohe Qualität d er Kontaktanzeigen der Damen und sichert Ihnen d ie Seriosität der Profile zu. Bei uns haben Sie Sicherheit und Anonymität in einem. Sie kriegen nur echte und sichere Kontakte zu Schönheiten aus Polen.

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